Do Keeshonds Shed? Tips To Control Its Shedding

Keeshonds is a very lovable pet and you can do whatever it takes to keep your Keeshonds in your home. But, there are lots of things that can really play a huge role in determining how much you and your family’s lifestyle is going to be affected by Keeshonds.

The is always one thing that you need to consider first and shedding is one of them. It is important to know how much your Keeshonds is going to shed and what you need to do in order to keep their shedding at a minimum.

Do Keeshonds Shed?
Do Keeshonds Shed?

So, in this guide, I am going to give you some space of valuable information about your Keeshondss shedding as well as some tips that can really help you in keeping your Keeshond’s shedding at a minimum. But before that, let’s learn, do Keeshonds shed or not?

Do Keeshonds Shed?

Do Keeshonds Shed?
Do Keeshonds Shed?

Yes, Keeshonds can shed and it can shed aggressively twice a year. The shedding can be intense in the shedding season which can last for 3 weeks.

The shedding season seems to appear two times a year in the autumn and spring. You need to perform perfect grooming practices to keep the shedding at a minimum.

Now after understanding that your keeshond is going to shed– let me tell you, it is not the only thing that you need to be worried about.

If you or anybody in your family member has allergies to dog that it can be concerning because if a dog sheds, they also going to spread some of its danders and danders are the major cause of allergies getting triggered in people who have an oversensitive immune system.

Let me tell you that 10% of the United States population is allergic to animals and that can be very concerning for you if your family member has allergies too. It can also be difficult to control his or her allergy around Keeshonds if they are going to shed heavily.

There are few things that can determine how much your Keeshonds is going to shed in the future and there are lots of genetic as well as environmental aspects that play a huge role in determining if they are going to shed or not.

There are also some tips that can really help you in keeping the shedding at a minimum but before that, let’s learn why your Keeshonds shed so much?

Why Keeshonds Shed So Much?

Do Keeshonds Shed?
Do Keeshonds Shed?

As I told you, your Keeshonds is going to shed daily and they can even shed aggressively 2 times a year especially in the shedding season.

By the shedding season, you can understand that they will need to shed some of its hair according to the seasonal changes so that they can easily regulate their body temperature.

If you don’t know then let me tell you that it’s a doggy way to regulate their body temperature. In the spring season, they are going to shed some of its hairs/fur so that their coat can become thinner that can help them in keeping their body cooler and preventing them from getting overheated throughout the summer.

On the other hand, your Keeshonds is also going to shed again in the autumn season to make some room for new hair growth which will be thicker to keep their body warm and nice throughout the winter season so that their body won’t get insulated.

So, I hope that you do understand that it is obvious for the Keeshonds to shed.

Now after understanding that your Keeshonds is going to shd and why they will need to shed, you may fool Yourself by thinking that you can shave them.

Let me tell you you shouldn’t shave your Keeshonds because you are going to do more harm to your dog. If they don’t have their coat on its body covered with hairs, they will not have any kind of protection from the outer element like water, snow, sunlight, and other things.

They won’t be able to regulate their body temperature as they will easily get overheated in the summer and insulated in the winter which will result in being worse for both of you.

So they Can’t survive without their coat and it is recommended not to shave your dog. You can train your dog but don’t get tempted to shave your Keeshond’s coat.

Things That Can Factor Into Determining How Much Your Keeshonds Is Going To Shed

Do Keeshonds Shed?
Do Keeshonds Shed?

There are few things that can really determine the amount of shedding of your Keeshonds and let me tell you there are lots of genetic expects as well as environmental factors that revolve around these factors.

So being a responsible owner, it’s your job to know everything about the shedding and what you can do to be prepared for their shedding that may occur in the shedding season.

Let’s learn what are the biggest things that factor into determining the amount of Keeshonds shedding.


Sex of Dog Pregnancy or Lactation Health Nutrition
Your Residential Location Weather Supplement
Medicine Age Quality of Coat
Parentage Ancestral line Diet

Elements That Can Affect Your Keeshond’s Shedding

Do Keeshonds Shed?
Do Keeshonds Shed?

I hope that you are aware of this element if you do not then make sure to learn this element because it can really affect your Keeshonds shedding.

Age Of Your Keeshonds

It is one of the most important elements that can determine how much your Keeshonds is going to shed. You are less likely to notice any kind of shedding in your Keeshonds while they will be young.

When Keeshonds are young, they often shed little to nothing but, as soon as they get older and older, they tend to shed and it can be really increased to a heavier moderation in the future. So, that is why most of the people see older dogs shedding aggressively.


As I told you earlier, your Keeshonds is going to shed aggressively In The shedding Season. So after learning that, you understand that the temperature places a huge role in determining how much your Keeshonds is going to shed.

If you live in a place where the sun shines for hours and hours then you are most likely to experience an extreme amount of shedding. Plus, there are other factors that can really affect your Keeshond’s shedding like sunlight hours, snow, and other things but temperature fluctuation is one of the most prominent things.

Quality of your Keeshonds coat

I hope that you do understand that if you are Keeshonds have a good quality coat then the work needed become less because they will shed at a very minimum but if your Keeshonds comes with a bad quality coat then you may have to put little bit more effort in keeping the shedding at a minimum.

That is why we would recommend you always adopt a Keeshond’s puppy from a reputable breeder and always ensure that the puppy you are adopting comes with a healthy coat.

Always ensure that the puppy has perfect quality. Don’t adopt a Keeshond’s puppy from a puppy mill because they don’t give a damn about their puppies as they just want to sell those puppies to make quick money. Most of their puppies tend to be healthy.

Tips To Control Keeshonds Shedding

  • You should always brush your Keeshond’s coat regularly. If you don’t have that much time then you can also brush them 4 times a week but not least than that.

  • Always ensure that you are brushing your dog coat in the right direction. Always brushes a Keeshond’s coat in the direction of their hair growth to make the whole experience painless for your dog.

  • Always use a brush that perfectly fit your Keeshonds coat and comes with the very soft teeth. A slicker brush is what your Keeshonds need.

  • If you already have a slicker brush that has soft teeth then Congrats and if you don’t have one then here is the recommended slicker brush.

    This slicker brush comes with very soft teeth and instead of giving any kind of pain, it will feel like a treat to your dog because it will make them feel ticklish on their body while you be brushing them. This is the brush that I have been using for the past few years.

  • Always brush your Keeshond’s coat outside your home if you want to keep the mess outside. If you really want to ensure that their hair won’t get collected inside.

  • Don’t bath your Keeshonds too often because frequent baths can make their skin dry. Dry skin means that the shedding will be at a maximum.

    So, you need to understand that you should always bath your Keeshonds when needed. It is recommended To bath Keeshonds only once a month or every 6 weeks.

  • Always ensure that you are using a good quality natural pet shampoo that perfectly fits your Keeshonds coat need. A good quality pet shampoo is going to ensure that their natural oil won’t get washed away as well as their dirt and danders get removed from their coat while you will be bathing them.

  • Here are the recommended shampoos that I would recommend you to use it why you will be bathing your Keeshonds. All of the shampoos have different features but going to give you the same result.

    I have tested all the shampoos and these are the only three shampoos that I find more effective and perfect for dogs

ShampooBest ForWhy To BuyCheck on Amazon
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  • Avoid feeding your dog with any kind of kitchen leftover food or food that contains grains. Grains are harmful to dogs and it can also increase the chances of gum diseases as well as dental problems.

  • Avoid buying cheap food because it has been noticed that cheap foods do have the nutrition but don’t have the right balance of nutrition that is needed for your dog to keep their skin more healthy.

  • Always feed your dog with high-quality food that contains a high-quality protein-rich ingredient that can ensure that your Keeshonds gets all his nutritional needs fulfilled as well as can help them in keeping their skin and coat healthy. Healthy skin is a good sign that indicates your Keeshonds is going to shed at a very minimum.

  • Here are the recommended foods that I would recommend you to feed your dog because these foods not only have the right balance of Nutrition but also going to ensure that your Keeshonds skin always stays healthy. These foods are also tasty for a dog.

  • Feed your Keeshonds with supplements like Omega supplement and fatty acids supplements because it is going to help you in making your Keeshonds more and more healthy each month.

Final Thoughts

I hope that I managed to give you some space of information about your Keeshond’s shedding and if you think that this post was helpful then do share this post because it is going to encourage me to write more.

Apart from that, if you have any kind of question regarding your Keeshond’s shedding then you can comment below because I will try to give your answer as soon as possible. Do check our other post, see you in the next post, till then, take care and goodbye.

4 thoughts on “Do Keeshonds Shed? Tips To Control Its Shedding”

  1. My Keeshond is a neutered almost 2 years old. I think I made an error when I gave him a bath earlier this spring. I didn’t brush him before giving him his bath. Anyway now he has mats and he is trying to shed but it doesn’t seem to come out. I’ve been using a rake on him gently and it is helping but I was wondering if this is the correct procedure I should be doing. He has always had excess undergrowth and do wish it would shed out. Will it fall out naturally without raking it? Thanks

  2. I posted a bit ago about my almost 2-year-old Keeshond. I accidentally mistyped the email. Please disregard the previous email and use this one. My dog has mats and I’m using a rake to help get it out. Is this the right procedure.

    • Mats usually form in areas where there is lots of friction and it can occur frequently / more often during shedding season. Frequent or wrong method of bathing can make things worse. Only bath your beloved Keeshond once or twice a month when needed, with a good quality shampoo and conditioner if possible. Dogs who love swimming are also prone to getting mats. Not drying or brushing them after the bath also develop matting. As you mentioned that you didn’t brush him before or after the bath, it’s obvious that mats will occur.

      You are doing right by brushing him with a rake, it will help but also make sure your pooch won’t feel any pain while you use a rake.

      It will shed out naturally but it can cause an unwanted mess around the home. You may end up encountering more hair on your sofa/bed/floor which is not good. You must help him by brushing them thoroughly at 3 or 4 times a week. Daily if possible. Proper grooming and bathing will play key factors in your case.

      You must dry your Keeshond after the bath. Using a Detangling Leaving-in Conditioner Spray can make brushing easier for you. Spray the leave-in conditioner on your Keeshond’s damp coat after his bath and before drying. Alternatively, you can just lightly spray over dry fur and brush it through your Keeshond’s coat.

      Make sure to use an undercoat rake. Just focusing on combing their topcoat won’t help and can make matting worse. An undercoat rake must be used.

  3. Thank you for your prompt reply and advice. I didn’t know about the leave in conditioner. I will look for it and use. The undercoat rake is helping. I am working as gently as I can. He loves the time I spend grooming him so it must not hurt too much. Thanks again Abigail.


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