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Do Border Collies Shed? Tips To Control Shedding

Do Border Collies Shed? Tips To Control Shedding

Medium size dog comes with great responsibilities and having a Border Collie in your home, you need to consider various think before you adopt one.

Border Collie tends to develop thick double-layered Coat that sheds occasionally. They tend to shed twice a year and it can be very harsh if not controlled.

So, the very first question that comes to one’s mind do they shed and if they then how much. In this guide, I am going to clear all your doubt and along with that I will also give us some tips that can help you in controlling the shedding but before that let’s know do Border Collie shed?

Do Border Collies Shed?

Do Border Collies Shed?

Yes, Border Collie shed aggressively and is one of a kind breeds that are never going to be considered as a hypoallergenic dog. The shedding can be the worse in the spring and autumn season.

Due to its thick coat, you need to practice proper grooming to keep them from shedding too much.

So, if you really want to learn about a proper grooming method that can help you in keeping the shedding at a minimum then stay with this article.

There can be tons of the reason behind your Border Collie shedding a large number of furs but there are some tips and ways that can help you to manage it.

Actually every people know that dog furs is not one of the favorite things to deal with but when you adopt a Border Collie in your home, you can do whatever it takes to keep them as they are very affectionate, loving, and energetic dog.

So, every single Border Collie owner should learn what they can do to be prepared for the shedding season and what are the things that you can keep in mind about their shedding.

In this guide not only I am going to give you some tips and ideas but also I will give you some space of information about the elements that can affect your Border Collie shedding and some tips that can help you in the worse situation like shedding season.

In those tips, you will get to know what you should do and what should not about the shedding. And along with that, it is also very crucial to know about the normal shedding and abnormal shedding and behind its cause. But before we learn what are the tips that can help you in controlling its shedding, let’s know why do Border Collie shed so much.

Why Does Border Collie Say So Much?

Do Border Collies Shed?

You can easily notice the first thing about their characteristic is its thick double-layered coat. So, just like other dog breeds, Border Collie also tends to develop thick double-layered which helps them and which is very crucial for them to survive in coat temperature and region.

Their coat is going to shed daily and you will need to comb their coat hair daily to manage it or otherwise the shedding would be aggressive and would be much harder to manage it for anyone.

Plus, most of the people living in the United States are allergic to dogs the main reason behind those allergies getting triggered by dogs is their dander. Danders is what contributes to the People’s allergies.

Those dangers can easily get trapped in your dog’s hair. So, brushing would be the best way to keep them from shedding too many danders. frankly speaking, there is not only a hypoallergenic dog breed that is very present in this world that doesn’t shed.

The only reason behind some dogs to be known as hypoallergenic dogs is due to their shedding amount which is little to nothing. Some shed less compared to some that shed aggressively.

If you are also allergic to dogs or you have allergies issues that maybe there is another breed that can make a great pet for you and we would not recommend you adopt a Border Collie.

But if you are really in love with Border Collie then ok no worry because, in this guide, you will get to know how you can keep them from shedding too many dangers and furs.

Now, everybody knows that Border Collie is a trendy breed of dog that is very perfect and prove to be an ideal pet in colder climates. But thair is one of the biggest myths that we are surrounded by is Border Collie doesn’t shed at all.

Let me clear you and tell you that Border Collied do shed and it can be very worse in the shedding season. However, they are not going to shed as much as aggressively than another dog breed like Siberian Husky.

Now, one of its major reason that contributes to Border Collie excessive shedding is their hair length and its texture. Plus, due to their longer hair length, its hair can easily get tangled with each other and can easily shed due to the dirt getting stuck in that Tangled hair.

Other than that their hair is generally thinner than other dog hair. That is why it is very normal to notice some frequent shedding from a Border Collie.

As they are perfect for a colder climate, their coat needs to change frequently to survive at different temperatures. And, due to that, they will need to shed their old hair in the autumn so that the new hair can grow and get prepared for the weather season.

The same happens in the summer season as well, they shed their winter furs to make some space for new hair growth that will help them to survive in such a hot climate.

Actually, there are three stages through which your Border Collie goes the first one is phase one when their hair by which we mean their new furs grow.

After that, here comes the second stage which is known as the telogen phase and in this phase, it is the time when their remaining hair needs to reach its full length and held security in places by the hair follicles.

Now, here comes the last stage which is popularly known as the Catogen phase. In the phase, they will need to shed some hair to make some room for new hair growth and it is also popularly known as fore-Stage.

In this phase, their hair follicles shrink to a very minimum which results in cutting off the blood supply to your dog’s hair shaft. Due to the sudden blood supply cut off to the hair shaft, their hair shaft detaches and starts falling out.

Now, I hope that you understand why and how they shed but let me tell you if you are the one who lives in a region where the temperature is always cold than a Border Collie can easily adapt well in the winter season because they are also very popularly known as winter breeds just like mountain dogs – Siberian Husky.

That is the main reason behind them developing thick coats. Actually, the double layer coat consists of an undercoat and an outer coat.

The undercoat is actually very close to the skin and due to that, it becomes much softer than the outer coat and acts as insulation for them against Harsh climate weather which means that whether it’s hot or cold, they can easily adapt and react accordingly.

On the other hand, the outer coat mainly consists of longer hair that protects your dog from the elements like snow, water, and ice. This type of coat is one of the greatest features for any winter dog breed because it gives them proper protection against the winter elements and keeps them nice and warm throughout the year.

But, on the bad side, it also means that your Border Collie will have lots of hair that can shed aggressively especially in summer times and winter times to develop an ideal coat layer on the body.

So, being a medium-sized dog that comes with long size hair on the outer coat, it can definitely affect the level of shedding. Apart from that, its individual Genetics also plays an important role in the shedding but no matter what your Border Collie is definitely going to shed for sure.

Their shedding can be minimized in the summer season while the shedding can also get very worse and worse as season changes. Most of the time as I told you, they will shed aggressively or worse in the autumn and spring and yes few times in summertime also.

So, I hope that you learned why they need to shed their hair and if you don’t then in one sentence, they need to layer up for the winter season to keep themselves nice and warm and due to which they tend to develop much denser and thicker coat as soon as they feel the winter approaching.

While in Summertime, they only need to wear fewer layers of hair because they don’t need to protect themselves from the winter climate and need to keep themselves warm in the Summertime.

So, they are also going to shed more to prepare for the heat climate. And the circulation keeps and remains the same throughout the year. This process is also known as growing out of their fur and it really happens each season change.

You are more likely to notice this kind of shedding typically more Apparent as soon as summer approaches. So, I am going to give you some list of the things that really factors into the amount of shedding, and that can help you in understanding how much they are going to shed.

However, I have mentioned some ways that can really help your dog to manage their shedding perfectly. Let’s begin.

Things That Factor Into The Amount Of Shedding

Do Border Collies Shed?

I hope that I have already given you some space of information about why your Border Collie shed so much but some other things can determine how much your Border Collie is going to shed in the future or in the upcoming shedding season.

Some of these factors can easily be controlled by you but most of them will not be and will never be. There are lots of genetics expects that involve these factors and along with that some other environmental factors also play an important role.

So, what are the biggest things that really factor into how much your Border Collie is going to shed?


Sex of DogPregnancy or LactationHealth
NutritionWeatherYour Residential Location
Ancestral lineParentageQuality of Coat

Elements That Can Affect Your Border Collie Shedding

Do Border Collies Shed?

There are some elements that can really affect your Border Collies shedding and you need to look for this element if you are going to pet a Border Collie in your home.

Type Of Coat

Its the first element and the first thing that you need to know because it can really affect your Border Collie shedding. Actually, it shedding frequency depends upon the quality of your Border Collie.

The shedding frequency can be different upon the type of coat. Most of the time, a Border Collie comes with a thick double coat and in that situation, you may experience the moderate or aggressive amounts of shedding depending upon the factors and the elements that have been mentioned in this article.

If a dog comes with a single-layered coat which is less likely to appear in a Border Collie then their shedding will be minimum but I told you, your border collie is definitely a double-layered coat dog breed, they are going to shed aggressively and heavily.

Age Of The Border Collie

Now, this is the second thing that you need to look at and it’s the second factor that really determines the amount of shedding of your Border Collie. If your Border Collie is a puppy then you will notice them shedding almost little to nothing.

At that moment, it is less likely to experience any kind of shedding but as soon as Border Collie reaches a year or a year and a half mark, you are likely to notice some shedding and it will increase the heavier moderation as soon as the year passes.


You will notice that your dog shedding in some months very aggressively while in some months not so much and that is mainly because of temperature changes.

It is definitely going to depend on the season because there are other factors like sunlight hours that can determine if your Border Collie needs to sheds too much or not.

Most of the time, during the spring-autumn your Border Collie is going to grow some new hair growth and to make that happened, they are going to shed their old hair so that they can make space for that new hair growth that will help them and keep them warm in upcoming winter days.

Apart from that, the opposite happens as soon as this summer approaches.

In the summer season, you will notice that the day becomes longer and the sun shining for hours and hours, so it’s a clear indication for you that your Border Collie is going to shed its winter coat so that they can keep themselves cool during the summer season


It is also an important sign to a Border Collie and to its owner that they are going to shed heavier than normal because of the frequency and quality of bath they get.

The main reason behind them shedding so many furs is the massage motion created by you while Scrub your Border Collie down for a good washing.

This process involves losing their dead hair and specks of dirt, it can really break up their skin natural oils that you’re holding some dead hairs on their furst.

Bathing is a very good way that can really help your Border Collie shedding their old hair. It will also make them prepared for the new hair growth.

Some shampoos that we would recommend you to use because it can really help you in keeping a Border Collie healthy and make them shed their old hair and skin so that their shedding would be minimum when they would be roaming around your house.

Recommended Shampoo

ShampooBest ForWhy To BuyCheck on Amazon
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The Heat Cycle Of A Female Border Collie

maybe it’s the last thing but not the least because the heat cycle of a female Border Collie can also Trigger the shedding cycle and at that moment you are likely to experience an extreme amount of shedding from your female Border Collie.

This kind of shedding is very normal and is somehow related to the fluctuating hormone levels that take place inside your female Border Collie body.

Abdominal Shedding/Excessive Shedding

Do Border Collies Shed

If you notice any kind of excessive shedding or abnormal shedding from your Border Collie and if you think that it becomes very difficult for you to deal with then it can be very concerning. An unusual shedding is always concerning for any dog owner.

Noticing patterns of shedding from a Border Collie when it’s not the right time of the year is an indication that there is some underlying health issues that need to be treated.

Adding to that, itching or any kind of balding is also a sign that this kind of shedding is not a good sign for your dog and indicates a bad health condition.

In that kind of situation, you need to deal with it very calmly so, you should never be very panicked. Some things can easily be fixed if you learn it properly. However, if you are really too concerned about it then it is always been great to double-check with your preferred dog veterinarian.

Here are some reasons why you are Border Collie wale shed out of season

Kidney DiseaseThyroid diseaseAdrenal disease
CancerReaction To MedicationsAllergy to shampoo
Liver diseasePregnancy or LactationReaction to Supplements
Bacterial InfectionFungal InfectionParasites
Food AllergiesImmune DiseaseSunburn


A normal healthy coat is a good sign that indicates your Border Collie is healthy and if you notice them becoming very dull aur messy that it’s a sure sign that there is something unusual going on in your Border Collie.

Sometimes the best solution is to switch your Border Collie food or shampoo because food allergies are also one of the most common ones that contribute to excessive shedding.

If you are not feeding the right diet that can provide them the right amount of Nutrition that Deni then the shedding would be heavier for sure.

Tips For Shedding Season

Do Border Collies Shed?
Do Border Collies Shed?

It is very-very-very normal for dogs to shed their furs and there is nothing that you can do to completely stop them from shedding. There are some tips that can help you in managing it properly and you should learn it definitely.

If it is not the thing that you are ready to deal with or face with then maybe a Border Collie is not the best match or companion for you. There are some ways that can really help you and your dog out when the shedding season approaches and also throughout the year.

These tips are not only going to keep your dog shedding to a minimum but also going to make sure that your dog is healthy and it will help you to keep your house a little bit cleaner from its allergic danders.

These steps can come very handy to a Border Collie owner in shedding season. It doesn’t matter if you have Border Collie or any other dog breed because these tips will always come handy to any kind of dog owner.

What You Should About Shedding In The Shedding Season?

Brush Your Dog Coat With An Appropriate Brush

Most people seem to get easily tempted to shave their dog and if you are one of those people then we would recommend you not shave your dog. Even, you may think that shaving them can help you in getting rid of those extreme shedding but you are only going to do badly for your dog and can also put them too much at risk.

Whenever you shave your dog that has a double coat that protects them from any kind of Harsh climate, you are putting them at risk because they will not have any kind of protection from the sun or the snow or the water.

Not having a coat in the summer season means that they will not have any kind of protection from the direct sunlight which can result in them overheating because there is no way to regulate their body temperature.

Apart from that, they can also easily get insulated when it’s cold. Shaving is also going to make your Border Collie feel itchy and uncomfortable

What You Shouldn’t About Shedding In The Shedding Season?

Don’t Bath Your Border Collie Too Often

When someone baths their dog too often, it makes their dog skin look unnatural and dry. Frequent bath is not only going to irritate your dog but also make them feel very itchy.

Apart from that, dry skin also contributes to dander forming on their skin. Adding to that, if you also use shampoo too often in your dog then it can also remove all the essential natural oils from its body leaving their skin becomes so dry.

You should always use proper Natural Shampoo to bath them only once a month or every 6 weeks. If your dog lifestyle is more surrounded by outdoor activities then it is OK to wash if they get very muddy but just try to not make it a habit.

Don’t Buy The Cheapest Food

Even you think that cheap food will save you some money, you should always avoid by any kind of the cheapest food that you can find in the local pet store.

Cheap food is considered as bad food for Dogs because it has been observed that this kind of food doesn’t have the right nutrition balance that can make your dog fulfill their nutritional needs.

It can really make them sick. Feeding a dog with Cheap food is going to do badly for your dog and can also result in showing a less shiny coat and unhealthiness in your Border Collie.

Tips That Can Help You To Control Shedding

Some tips can really help you in controlling or Border Collie shedding and especially in seasons when shedding is very active. You can’t stop your Border Collie shedding their furs completely but these tips can keep your dog shedding at a minimum. So it’s better to learn these tips and apply them to your dog.

Border Collie Diet

You should always close attention to what you are buying for your dog at the local pet store because it can directly affect their shedding and its health.

You should always consider feeding a dog with a high-quality diet that has the right nutrition balance. You should feed your dog / Border Collie with a healthy nutrition-dense diet that can help them to be healthy and to minimize its shedding for sure.

You should always check the ingredients whenever you buy any kind of food as high-quality foods only contain high-quality ingredients in it.

When it comes to the shedding consideration, you can buy some foods that have some fish oil or fish meal content/ingredients.

So always make sure that you check the ingredients whenever you buy commercial dog food and assure that it can really help your Border Collie in keeping the shedding minimums and will also make sure that they are getting their nutrition fulfilled and that coat always looks shiny and healthy.

Recommended Food

Best FoodWhy To BuyCheck on Amazon
Stella & Chewy’s Freeze Do Border Collies Shed? Tips To Control SheddingDo Border Collies Shed? Tips To Control SheddingIt Contains all the raw nutrients that your dogs actually need. Plus, it is 100% Grain-free 🙂 ?View on Amazon
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Most people seem to ignore the use of supplements and if you are one of them then we would recommend you stop ignoring it because the power of supplements can make a huge difference in how much your dog is going to shed.

By using a proper supplement you can set the correct expectation in the future, however, Adding a supplement in your Border Collie dietary routine is not going to the magically stop their natural shedding but It may help them keep their shedding to a minimum.

It can really lessen the severity. You should also consider feeding them or Adding supplements like fatty acid and Omega because they come very handy when someone wants to improve its Border Collie coat quality and their healthiness.

It is not only going to promote its healthy skin and furs quality but also reduces the risk of any kind of inflammation or joint pain. There are many types of Omega supplements are available in the market but the best type of supplements that are good for your Border Collie and its hair is derived from fish.

Adding to that, you should only go for the supplement that is made from the wild fish rather than the farmed ponds fish.

Some of the Other supplements that you can feed to your Border Collie that can help you in controlling their shedding level is Alaskan Salmon oil, linolenic acid, coal pressed hemp seed oil and flaxseed oil.


Grooming is not only going to play an important role in making your dog look good and clean but is also going to make sure that the frequency of shedding remains minimum.

Only because of your Border Collie developing thick and dense coat in it, you will need to do the proper grooming method and practices on the coat. now, here is some tips that can really help you in keeping your Border Collie shedding at a minimum.


Brush That Coat In The Right Method


It is very important to brush your Border Collie coat because they develop a thick coat. Adding to that, you will also need to make sure that you use the good quality of brush and tool that can really get deep Enough into that thick coat to remove all dead lose hairs that are stuck in the coat.

This is the best possible way to prevent excessive shedding and to remove any kind of dead hair that often gets stuck in your Border Collie dense coat. Adding to that, you should also make sure that you brush your dog coat outside the home so that their hair won’t get collected inside.

Apart from that, you should also make sure that you brush your dog coat in the direction of their hair growth because when you brush your dog coat against its direction of their growth, it makes the experience very painful for your dog.

Bathing Your Border Collie


I know that I told you earlier that you don’t need to bath for Dog too often because it can make their skin look dry and can result in more shedding. It is always best to bath a dog once a month or every 6 weeks.

After that, you need to make sure that you are using good and natural shampoo that can really help them in keeping their shedding to a minimum.

A good quality shampoo for your Border Collie thick double-layered coat can be a golden choice that can help you in removing or kind of loose and that hairs from its thick coat.

Adding to that, you should also make sure that dry by their hair perfectly after bathing them. You can either use a good Tower or You can also use a cool blow dryer.

Plus, you should also make sure that when you’re using a cool blow dryer in a cool mode because high temperature can harm your Border Collie skin.

When you use a blow dryer to dry your Border Collie after bathing them it does not only help in drying out their skin but also helps with the finished look. It can also help you in blowing off of any kind of excessive furs that is ready to fall out.

Grooming Tools That You Really Need For Shedding Border Collie

Grooming Glove

Best GloveFeature & Why to BuyCheck on Amazon
Grooming Glove – Gentle Deshedding Brush Glove Do Border Collies Shed? Tips To Control SheddingDo Border Collies Shed? Tips To Control SheddingIt can remove all dead hairs, loose furs, and dirt. Using this product on your dog will be a painless and fun experience for your dogView on Amazon

It will be a good product for the first time dog owner that doesn’t know how to deal with excessive shedding because it can really help you and your Border Collie dealing with shedding.

When you wear grooming gloves the needed work becomes very minimum. You just need to slip in the glove on your hand and run your hand over your Border Collie coat.

It is really going to feel like a treat to your Border Collie and can help them and you with shedding. It’s a Win-Win situation for both of you because for you it can really lessen your work and for your dog, it would be very tingly feeling like a treat.

If you want to lessen your efforts and work then this is the product that you should always buy as this is not only a durable and easy to use but also come very handy.

Good De-Shedding Tool

Best De-shedding ToolFeature & Why to BuyCheck on Amazon
FURminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool Do Border Collies Shed? Tips To Control SheddingDo Border Collies Shed? Tips To Control SheddingIt can help you in de-shedding their most loose hairs in minutes and lessen your efforts and work.View on Amazon

Anybody can easily get surprised by the work done by good De-shedding tools because it is something that really works well in pulling out all the loose hair from the depth of your Border Collie coat. By using this de-shedding tool, you will be surprised at how much hair actually comes out from a Border Collie.

This tool is only made to help you with your double-layer dog coat shedding. This tool is also very durable and easy to use and also comes very handy when it comes to lessening your effort.

It was very nice to hold and the only purpose of the shedding tool is to reach the depth of their coat and remove all those loose and dead hairs forever. This type of tool is going to work best with a Border Collie because it has a double-layered thick coat in their body.

Bristle Brush

Best Bristle BrushFeature & Why to BuyCheck on Amazon
Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker/bristle Brush Do Border Collies Shed? Tips To Control SheddingDo Border Collies Shed? Tips To Control SheddingIt can help in getting rid of any kind of mats without any pain. Your dog will feel great too. Amazon Choice and Best Rated Popular Brush. It’s a slicker brush that acts as a bristle brush too and can add a great finish.View on Amazon

It doesn’t matter what kind of tool you use that has been mentioned above because there is one final step that everyone needs to follow. A Bristle fining brush is precisely going to do what you think.

It can add a finished look to your Border Collie coat. This bristle brush can get rid of any kind of dandruff, debris, and danders off the coat. This is a great ideal brush to use and we would highly recommend you use it after using a de-shedding tool or grooming a glove on your Border Collie coat.

Now, these three products come very handily when it’s come to protect their hair, to pull all the loose hair and dead hairs from your Border Collie and to get rid of any kind of allergens and Irritants.

These products and tools also make sure that it’s natural oils remain the same on the skin.

You can either use a de-shedding tool or a glove or both but you always need to make sure that you add that product with the bristle brush. These are the three products that every dog owner should have.

The product that I have mentioned are the recommended ones and are one of the best products that YOU can find online. These products are not only tested but also have been proven to be durable and reliable. it can always give you a long-lasting effect.

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German ShepherdThe Great PyreneesGolden Retriever

Other Dogs That Doesn’t Shed Much

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Final Thought

I hope that you liked our post and I managed to give you some space of information about your Border Collie shedding. If you have any kind of question regarding your Border Collie then you can comment below and I will try to give your answer as soon as possible.

I hope that you do check our other post because it can really help you in keeping your dog healthy and can get rid of any kind of problem that may occur in the future. Now it’s time to say goodbye, so, see you in the next post, till then, take care and goodbye.