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Can You Use A Chicken Incubator For Bearded Dragon Eggs?

Can You Use A Chicken Incubator For Bearded Dragon Eggs?

If you have a bearded dragon and looking to breed them, you might be wondering if you can use a chicken incubator to hatch your bearded dragon egg and, if yes, how?. In this article, we will not only know Can You Use A Chicken Incubator For Bearded Dragon Eggs but also the basics of using a chicken incubator.

We will discuss what you need to get started and how to care for your bearded dragon eggs. Discovering that your bearded dragon has deposited an egg is simultaneously exciting and nerve-racking for the first-time pet owner.

On the other hand, you might be waiting for the miniatures to greet you and preparing to raise them. It is essential to know everything needed to keep all the hatchlings alive. The first thing you should do is to Move Your bearded dragon eggs to the incubator, but only a few people have this device.

People without incubator leave the eggs where it is laid and attempt to provide a suitable condition while waiting for the eggs to hatch on their own. In significant cases, an artificial incubator tends to be more helpful and ideal for producing better results than leaving the eggs to hatch in the enclosure on its own.

Plus, it would help if you also made sure that the hatching container was large enough to contain all numbers of eggs for hatching. It should have enough surface area and allow proper circulation of oxygen and the formation of humidity. Let’s first know: can you use a chicken incubator for bearded dragon eggs?

Can You Use A Chicken Incubator For Bearded Dragon Eggs?

can you use a chicken incubator for bearded dragon eggs
can you use a chicken incubator for bearded dragon eggs

Yes, Chicken Incubators can be used to hatch bearded dragon eggs. Chicken incubators can be used for bearded dragon eggs if you know all the settings and fundamental differences between the incubation of poultry and reptiles.

With a poultry incubator, you can hatch any bird eggs with easy and simple adjustments. Still, you will need to understand the fundamental differences between dragons before attempting to hatch a reptile egg. First, let’s talk about what you should do when you discover your bearded dragon eggs and want to incubate them in a poultry incubator.

The main difference between the eggs of chickens and beardies’ Eggs

Make sure never to turn your bearded dragon’s egg because it will either die or the infant growing inside will be permanently damaged. Unlike poultry eggs, reptile eggs should never be turned. If the poultry incubator has an automatic turner, turn it off manually or remove it.

Another fundamental difference is that the dragon needs an incubation medium, whereas poultry eggs can be placed on plastic racks, flooring, or any other hard surface. The most important thing you should be aware of when using a chicken incubator for bearded dragon eggs is the need for temperature, which should be monitored regularly.

As bearded dragons are native to desert-like climates, their eggs will also need a higher temperature than regular chicken eggs to hatch. It is always recommended to use a good quality digital thermometer to track the temperature inside the incubator and make sure it is between 80-88° F.

Adding to this, you should also consider the humidity level inside the incubator for your bearded dragon’s egg. It is a must to make sure that the incubator is properly humidified because bearded dragon eggs need a complex level of humidity compared to chicken eggs.

If the poultry incubator is not offering such, use a reptile fogger or misting system to keep the air inside the incubator moist. You can successfully hatch your bearded dragon in any chicken incubator if you follow all these guidelines.

You need to be careful with the temperature and the humidity level when incubating your bearded dragon eggs. Your bearded dragons’ eggs should hatch just fine if all are prepared and done right.

What Kind Of Incubator Do I Need For Bearded Dragon Eggs?

There are many types of incubators available that you can use for hatching reptile eggs but the most important factors to consider while choosing one is the climate or the environment in which the eggs will need to be hatched.

In the market, there are two types of incubators. One comes with a manual setting, while the other one with automatic settings. It would help if you went with the incubator to give you a wide range of setting options with the digital display for a more accurate temperature reading and control.

When it comes to incubating bearded dragon eggs, you will want to find an incubator with a humidity level gauge and thermometer to keep track of the humidity and temperature level inside the incubator when eggs are in there. It would help if you also looked for an incubator that offers easy cleaning and is not difficult to reach.

If the incubator you have chosen provides difficulty in getting the crannies and the nooks, it can be difficult for you to keep the incubator sanitary. Therefore, below we have listed the best incubators for bearded dragons, which have a humidity level gauge, thermometer, and a digital display for temperature control.

All three types of incubators mentioned below offer automatic turners and are easy to clean to ensure the heating of the eggs in a clean environment.

3 Best Incubators For Bearded Dragons

best incubators for bearded dragons
best incubators for bearded dragons

R-Com PX-R90 Juragon Pro 90

This incubator is very easy to use and offers a perfect environment for bearded dragon eggs incubation. It is also effective in saving your time and energy in the process. It comes with all the features you can expect from a high-end model.

It comes with an audible alarm and automatic egg turning. When your water reservoir runs low or the incubation temperature goes out of range, the warnings get on. This incubator also offers incubation of more than 120 eggs at once, which means it is perfect for both hobbies and professional breeders alike.

As this comes with automatic temperature control, your dragon’s egg will be kept within the optimal condition during the entire development cycle. You can adjust the temperature in the Fahrenheit or Celsius unit of measure depending on what works best.

It also has a large LCD which shows all the readings and settings involved throughout the incubation process of your dragon’s egg. It comes with microprocessor chips that will automatically adjust the temperature if needed based on your desired setting.

The temperature range and the humidity level can easily be controlled and monitored. You can even use pre-program settings depending upon what kind of reptile egg you have. It also comes with a pre-program set for bearded dragons.

It can be troublesome to clean most incubators, but this one can easily be separated into two parts for quick access to hard-to-reach spots for cleaning inside of it. This is probably one of the most recommended professional incubators for bearded dragons, which you should choose for convenient incubation.

Can You Use A Chicken Incubator For Bearded Dragon Eggs?

Exo Terra Precision Incubator Pro for Reptile Terrariums

This incubator is suitable for beginners as it offers a range of precise temperature settings from 36° F to 140° F and a humidity level of up to 95%. This is effective in hatching your bearded dragon egg compared to other incubators.

As it comes with a USB humidifier, it can automatically regulate humidity levels, giving you peace of mind when you leave your beardie’s egg during the whole incubation period without worrying about maintaining or monitoring the humidity levels inside it.

Can You Use A Chicken Incubator For Bearded Dragon Eggs?

Intelligent Automatic Incubator

This incubator effectively maintains the current temperature you need to hatch your bearded dragon eggs. It is also effective at incubating a wide range of reptile eggs. As it comes with a digital display, you can easily set and monitor the desired temperature inside it during the whole incubation process.

It also comes with two removable shelves that create three platforms to place multiple clutches inside it if you need to have numerous clutches of eggs. It is perfect for breeders who are starting.

Using the two buttons and the digital display panel, you can set the desired temperature and ensure your bearded dragon egg hatch for the first time, even if you don’t have any experience with bearded dragon breeding. It is simple to use, and there is no need to worry about whether or not your Dragons eggs will hatch into healthy babies.

Can You Use A Chicken Incubator For Bearded Dragon Eggs?

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