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Can You Take A Bearded Dragon On A Plane?

Can You Take A Bearded Dragon On A Plane?

Although the bearded dragons are easy to care for, they require frequent attention to get what’s needed to live happily and survive. Because of this, traveling can be difficult and confusing for your Dragon for the first time.

It can also be confusing for you to know what needs to be done from your end to ensure that they will be taken care of on a flight. With that said, here you will answer the question: can you take a bearded dragon on a plane? If yes, what are the things needed to ensure before the trip? We will take a deeper look into this topic to see if doing something like this is even possible for a bearded dragon or not.

In most cases, bearded dragons don’t seem to enjoy big changes in their environment. Therefore, transporting them from one place to another can cause excessive stress to your bearded Dragon. Consequently, it’s important to be prepared with everything in advance to ensure your bearded dragon needs are being taken care of during the transport or the trip.

Whether you need to take your Dragon for a trip or just for a vehicle to a new location, it’s important to know: can you take a bearded dragon on a plane? To know that, we will first examine the question: can bearded dragons fly on a plane?

Can Bearded Dragons Fly On A Plane?

Yes. Beardies can fly on a plane even if it isn’t comfortable. If you need to take your Bearded Dragon with you when moving houses or jogging for a vacation, check what flight allows them inside its cabin. It is only allowed to take your Dragon if the airline lets you take it inside the house.

As bearded dragons need ideal humidity, controlled temperature, and diet, sudden air pressure while flying puts your bearded Dragon under stress. It’s not a good idea when transporting a bearded dragon in cargo.

Transporting your bearded Dragon in load is especially dangerous when checked as luggage and kept in an unpressurized and unheated environment. A bearded dragon can develop stress, respiratory issues, and other associated infections in such an environment.

In the worst-case scenario, your Dragon may get lost, or the luggage might arrive late, resulting in your bearded dragon dying. Many horror stories have been about when a reptile was transported to a new place in a plane. So, only fly with your Dragon if you need it and only when you are allowed to take it on board with you.

Unfortunately, most airlines will not let you take your Bearded Dragon in the cabin, and not all will accept that. For example, Alaska Airlines will only allow bearded dragons and other nonpoisonous reptiles in climate control baggage or cargo compartments. Another bad news is that if an airline allows you to take your Bearded Dragon, the maximum size of a carrier you can take will be 17-18 inches long.

Dragons can reach up to 24 inches long; they won’t be allowed in the cabin because of their size. Alternatively, if you’re traveling for a short period, you can get someone to watch your bearded Dragon and take care of them while you get back. If you manage to get your Bearded Dragon to fly to a new place, doo arranges a tank at that destination as soon as possible.

Can You Take A Bearded Dragon On A Plane?

can you take a bearded dragon on a plane
can you take a bearded dragon on a plane?

A bearded dragon can be taken on a plane only in the cargo compartment or climate control baggage. Only a few airlines will allow you to travel with reptiles, like Alaska airlines. It is always best to check the airline’s policy before you decide or attempt to bring your bearded Dragon along with you.

If the airlines around you don’t allow this type of transportation, fortunately, there are other alternatives you can use to bring or care for your bearded Dragon. But it doesn’t include traveling on a plane.

Traveling with the bearded Dragon on a car or a train is less of a hassle for you and a safer option for your bearded Dragon. Even if you can’t travel or take your bearded Dragon with you on a plane, let’s know if you can transport them through flight or not.

Can You Transport Bearded Dragons?

Yes. For short trips to the vet, we often transport our bearded Dragon in a car inside a carrier that tends to retain warmth for a long period. When keeping your bearded Dragon in a cage, provide lots of portable heat bags and warm towels if necessary.

Some airlines allow nonpoisonous reptiles like bearded dragons to be transported by cargo if it is approved. Depending on the type of pet and size of it, reptile careers may be sufficient to transport bearded dragons through airlines.

How To Transport Your Bearded Dragon On A Plane?

how to transport your bearded dragon on a plane
Can You Take A Bearded Dragon On A Plane? If Yes, How To Transport Your Bearded Dragon On A Plane.

Transporting A bearded dragon in an airplane comes with lots of risks, so I recommend you completely avoid it. They cannot be kept in a carrier with you in the cabin in most airlines, and if there is, there may also be a lot of restrictions against it. There will be lots of precautions that you will need to keep your bearded Dragon safe when transporting it on a plane.

Interesting Further Reading

1. Check What Airline Allows It

The first thing you should do before getting your bearded Dragon into a carrier is to check if the airlines allow you. You will have to do a fair amount of research before preparing to transport your bearded Dragon from one place to another on a plane. After finding out what airlines allow it, check the requirements, you will need to submit.

2. Check Restrictions Of The Final Destination.

It is also important to check the restriction at the final destination when bringing an exotic animal. Some countries or States do not allow bearded dragons at all. It is always best to check the nearest veterinarian specializing in exotic pets to get their contact numbers for any emergency.

3. Check The Cargo Conditions

It is also important to ask about the size restrictions for your Carrie. If the carrier of your bearded Dragon is needed to be kept in an airplane’s cargo, you must check the condition of the planes’ cargo and reconsider a trip altogether. Placing any live animal in an airplane cargo is often risky. It is important to clarify with the airlines and double-check if the shipment is pe.

They are pressurized and heated, and bearded dragons need a controlled temperature to regulate their body temperature. It is always best to avoid getting them in airplane cargo to prevent a potentially disastrous situation where they may die.

4. Pack The Essentials Of Your Beardie For Travel

Depending upon the situation at a final destination and the length of travel, you should pack everything needed for your bearded Dragon to stay healthy and comfortable.

Have all the supplies and essentials for a bearded dragon-like proper heating, lamps, lighting, water bowl, a temporary enclosure bigger than its career, cleaning supplies, thermometer, and other accessories. It is important to check whether the bearded Dragon is getting proper temperature, ventilation, and safety.

A bearded dragon should be comfortable and at an appropriate temperature when traveling. It is important always to check whether the airline allows portable heat packs or not. As a portable heat pack contains batteries, it won’t be allowed in the airplane’s cargo. Therefore, you can always make a quick homemade heating pack using a wet towel.

5. Label Your Beardie’s Carrier Properly

The career of your bearded Dragon should be labeled properly with your contact information and number. It will also be good to provide your veterinarian contact information in case Your bearded Dragon gets lost with the carrier, as most airports tend to be very busy.


By now, you have got all the information around the question: can you take a bearded dragon on a plane or not. From my end, I will recommend you avoid traveling with a bearded dragon on an airplane as it can put them in a very stressful situation.

Many other professionals offer pet transportation services to take help. I hope I managed to give you all the ideas around the question: can you take a bearded dragon on a plane or not. If you find this article “Can You Take A Bearded Dragon On A Plane?” helpful, then share it with others to make them aware of the consequences of traveling with a bearded dragon in a plane.