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Can Iguanas Live With Other Reptiles?

Can Iguanas Live With Other Reptiles?

If you already have a large enclosure, you might consider getting a new pet for your family. Before bringing any new addition to the existing section to coexist with Iguana, you must do a proper study and learn about each reptile’s behavior.

Therefore, in this article, I have compiled all the reptile options and the details you might consider adding to an iguanas’ enclosure. Hence take a quick look at the question: can iguanas live with other reptiles, and if yes, what reptiles can live with Iguanas?

Can Iguanas Live With Other Reptiles?

can iguanas live with other reptiles
can iguanas live with other reptiles

Yes. Iguanas can live with other reptiles of similar size that hail from a dry, hot environment. Iguanas should only coexist in the same enclosure if there is enough space. Since iguanas are territorial and aggressive lizards, they should never be housed with another male of the same species.

All in all, it’s always best to house an Iguana alone in a cage. Iguanas are arboreal and need a high enclosure. They are also natural wanders and will cover a lot of space in captivity. They need proper exercise. And if there is another male, they can challenge each other for appropriate access to mate or dominance.

Also, Territorial fights are likely to occur if there is more than one male Iguana in an enclosure. It’s always better to keep two different species of reptiles in separate cages to prevent any mishaps. Bearded dragons usually inflate their beard and gasp their mouth to show dominance.

On the other hand, if an Iguana is kept with another reptile-like a turtle or gecko, the species’ behavior will need to be considered. Some species of turtles are also very aggressive towards lizards like iguanas.

It is common to notice Iguana hissing at other cagemates, followed by attacking and frequent attempts to bite. Iguana won’t try to kill the challenging cagemate but to assert dominance.

Female Iguana should also never be housed together as they can fight with each other for food or territory. Most of the pet shops that sell reptiles like iguanas, geckos, and bearded dragons always look to make some good money and sell two or more lizards at once to you.

Besides that, those shop owners will also attempt to sell you the biggest enclosure possible when purchasing any pet for them. Always do your proper research on the needs of iguanas and the other reptiles you are thinking of keeping as tankmates.

It’s common for shopkeepers to attempt to sell more expensive light bulbs, a bigger background, more substrate, inessential items, etc. Sometimes, an Iguana can be housed with another iguana if they’re both of the opposite genders.

However, keeping a male with a female Iguana in the same enclosure will always result in unwanted mating and breeding. If the breeding is intentional, get the male and the female along at a very young age.

Before you want to try adding a new pet member to an existing enclosure of an Iguana, you should look at doing a lot of homework and research. Otherwise, the existing one could get seriously hurt or die if not monitored properly.

Can Iguanas Live With Other Lizards?

Yes. As iguanas are not only arboreal but also solitary lizards, keeping them with other lizards may result in mishaps. Even if they can be housed with other lizards, they should never be held in the same tank if there is no one to monitor them.

Iguana with another species can sometimes work if the tank offers a lot of space, and the new lizards also have similar housing conditions as Iguana. But does that mean you should try it? Before you want to house two different species of lizards together, it is a must to learn what lizards can Iguanas live with. Therefore, let’s take a closer look at what reptiles can iguanas live with.

What Can Other Reptiles Live With Iguanas?

what can other reptiles live with iguanas
what can other reptiles live with iguanas

We learned that Iguanas should never be kept with another reptile in the same enclosure, but they can be housed together in the same room if they get in a separate cage. Therefore from here, we will not only look at what reptiles can coexist with iguanas in the same enclosure but also what reptiles should be housed in a separate cage.

Can Iguanas Live With Chameleons?

No. Iguanas cannot live as chameleons in the same enclosure but can be housed in a separate cage in the same room. Due to varying sizes, they should never be kept in the same tank. If both the species are of the same size, they can be housed in the same enclosure for quite some time but not for too long as they age and grow bigger.

The housing requirements and the personality of both reptiles are vastly different, making them harder to keep in the same enclosure and care for.

If you are still thinking of keeping iguanas and chameleons in the same room, there are a few things you need to consider first. Let’s first assume that you will house both the reptiles in a separate tank. You need to consider that both lizards are solitary animals who prefer their own spaces.

The territorial fight may result if kept in the same tank. If you have an iguana that’s been happily living in a room by itself for some time and suddenly, you add a new reptile in its tank, it can get stressed out or freak out. Iguanas will need some time to get used to a new lizard in the room.

Housing a new chameleon in the current tank with an Iguana can cause stress for them very easily. How easily both reptiles get along totally depends upon individual personality. Being solitary and arboreal, Iguana can feel threatened in certain situations while getting angry, resulting in surprise attacks or fights.

On the other hand, Chameleons are also capable of showing dislike for the presence of new reptiles sharing the same environment or enclosure as a living place.

Can Iguanas Live With Bearded Dragons?

No. Iguanas and bearded dragons should never be housed together as they are both different in size and are natural enemies. A typical fight may result to get your attention or for territory. Both are highly territorial. Some people claim that both reptiles can coexist without problems, but this is not entirely true.

Both the species should never be in a single enclosure as Iguana is significantly bigger than a bearded dragon. An Iguana may easily attack and hurt a bearded dragon.

Adding to this, iguanas also have different environmental and dietary needs. Bearded dragons are carnivorous, and iguanas are herbivorous; it can be difficult to feed them in the same tank. Iguanas will also need a hot, humid environment, whereas beardies need a hot, dry one.

Keeping them in the same enclosure is the ultimate stress for both. You should also avoid introducing two adults to different species of reptiles with one in the same tank or in a familiar environment that either of them recognizes.

Furthermore, you can try letting both your reptiles, iguanas, and Dragons roam around your living room in the daytime and then get them into their separate cage at night.

Can Iguanas Live With Geckos?

No. Iguanas cannot live with any gecko due to being bigger. Most geckos species aren’t suitable for housing with iguanas in the same enclosure. Keeping them together will end your gecko as food for the Iguana sooner or later. Additionally, housing requirements for both the reptile species are completely different.

Keeping them together may also result in transmitting parasites that could be deadly to either species. Even though some claim to save both species of reptiles together, I don’t want to be a buzzkill, but it can end up badly for both reptiles.

If you’re facing a hard time believing this, then let me be aware that keeping them together will give you a horrible result. Geckos prefer hiding at dawn and hunting for food at night, whereas iguanas are diurnal. Adding to this, geckos don’t need a lot of light as the sunlight from outside during the day is enough to stimulate a daily cycle in their enclosure.

On the other hand, Iguana does need proper lighting set up and a basking area in that enclosure to thrive. Therefore, while maintaining an appropriate temperature gradient for iguanas in a section, you will have difficulty creating the lower temperature a gecko needs.

Adding to this, some types of geckos also have problems with UVB light as it creates problems with their eyes being exposed to UVB for a longer period of time. The different requirements, environmental conditions, and varied sizes make both reptile species impossible to keep in one tank.

If you are still thinking of getting a gecko, you should house them in a separate cage and do your homework and proper research before getting one.

Interesting Further Reading

Can Iguanas Live With Turtles?

No. Iguanas cannot live with turtles as both can transmit parasites and diseases to each other, severely affecting their health. Also, territorial fight or excessive stress in either reptile is possible if housed in the same tank.

However, few tortoise species can be accommodated with iguanas in the same room but not in the same tank. Hence you can let your Iguana roam around with turtles or tortoises in your living room during the daytime, but only if there is someone to monitor them.

Turtles tend to be explorative and need a good floor area to roam and explore. Adding to this, keeping them in the same tank is also impossible as both need different temperatures. The heating, lighting, and humidity are also different for both species.



You’ve got to know why you shouldn’t house another reptile species with Iguana. As you see, it’s not easy to house another species together with an Iguana. Sometimes it can work, but it is very rare. You should always be prepared with a separate cage for both particular reptiles. Beardies should never be housed with iguanas.

So, after knowing the answer to the question: can Iguanas live with other reptiles, you should have all the ideas on how to house different reptiles in the same tank or room with iguanas.

If you have a big enclosure, you can give it a try but always monitor them and don’t leave them unattended for even a second. If you have any questions, you can leave a message below. Do check our other articles on Iguana care.