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Here’s Why Baby Bearded Dragon Not Eating

Here’s Why Baby Bearded Dragon Not Eating

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Well, first of congrats for a new baby beardie. If your baby bearded dragon not eating anything you provide then it’s mean that there can be some issue. There could be many possible reasons for not eating much or at all.

It’s something that I also experienced when I first bought a baby dragon in my home. Well, I used to be very worried about my baby beardie not eating much back then. I used to search all over the internet but I was unable to find a clear reason and solution.

So, I did my research and cured this problem in a few days. I think maybe my experience would be helpful for you too that’s why I am writing an article about it. First of all, we will know the cause, then prevention, and of course the solution or Treatment

Without wasting time: Lets Begin

Why my Baby Bearded Dragon Not Eating?

There are a few possible reasons behind the baby bearded dragon not eating. The Following are

  • If you have just adopted a baby bearded dragon then it’s more than likely relocation stress. It’s a very common behavior, baby beardie are very likely to feel stress when they get relocated from their familiar habitat. It can be one of the possible reasons behind the baby bearded dragon not eating.
  • They are just newborns and you are touching them too much. Handling a newborn baby beardie can stress them too much.
  • You are putting your baby beardie in the bath more frequently. Bathing them more often can stress him out massively.
  • You are not maintaining the temperature of the tank or vivarium according to their needs. Uncontrolled temperature can stress them out or make them lazy, which can make them not eating much or at all.
  • You are keeping more than one beardie in a tank. Keeping them in a new vivarium with a new companion can also stress them out massively.

What Should I Do When My Baby Bearded Dragon is Not Eating?

What To Do When My Baby Beardie is in Relocation Stress?

Well, If you have successfully recognized the reason behind your baby bearded dragon not eating then congrats, you are close to the solution. Here I have shared all the solutions for all the causes or reasons that I have mentioned above.

If you just transferred or adopted a baby bearded dragon to a new place or home than it is more than likely relocation stress. In such time, he may not eat much or at all, and it’s completely normal. What you should do right now is – just give him a few more days.

Just check if he is pooing or not. If he is then he is been eating but If he is not and it’s been more than two days then it’s time to call an experienced reptile veterinarian.

You Are Touching & Handling Them Too Much

you are touching & handling them too much
you are touching & handling them too much

Well, touching and handling a baby bearded dragon too much can stress them out massively. You should avoid touching him for a few weeks. It’s advisable to leave him be and don’t handle them for 2 or 3 weeks.

You should touch him or handle only when you need to remove or clean the poo from the vivarium. But before you go in the vivarium to remove poo, you should put some food in so he begins to understand and recognize that you don’t mean any harm. I used to do that.

Bathing a Baby Bearded Dragon Can Stress Them Out

Well, we all know that they can’t control their body temperature like others. If you are bathing them more frequently than needed, he might have been feeling tortured then. It’s not a good idea to bath a baby beardie more than once a week or two.

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Avoid bathing them too much and if you are bathing them the first time or rarely then you should bath them in warm water, neither in too much cold water nor in too much hot water. Don’t put them in a bath daily because it’s stupid to do so and you are unintentionally torturing him.

Not Maintaining Your Vivarium Temperature.

You should make sure that your baby beardie is at the ideal temperature. Uncontrolled temperature can make them behave differently. For example – keeping the vivarium temp cool can make them lazy or lethargic, so it’s better to avoid keep in cool temperature.

The basking spot and the cool spot should have an ideal temperature. So, make sure you are controlling them according to their needs. If you find it difficult to control the temperature of your vivarium then you can consider purchasing a thermostat that gives you full control over the vivarium temperature.

Keeping him with a new companion.

Just imagine you are locked with someone unknown to you, will you feel comfortable or stressed? Your baby beardie will feel the same way as you will. If you have just moved him to a new tank with a new companion then it might stress him out and can make him not eating.

What should I do then? If you have an extra vivarium available then maybe you can relocate them but I would not recommend that as it’s very important to make your baby beardie familiar with their companion soon. You should just wait for a few days and make sure he has a bowl of crickets so that he can help himself when he is feeling hungry.


I have shared five cause and treatment for baby bearded dragon not eating and if you think none of the mentioned cause relates with your beardie then feel free to drop down a comment below.

Young baby beardie doesn’t enjoy being held by someone. More importantly, at this stage, you will find them full of energy and it’s very easy to accidentally hurt them while you hold them. A quick break by them when you hold them can cause serious damage. So, it’s better to avoid touching a baby beardie for at least 2 weeks.

I hope you will find this post helpful and if you have any questions or you want something to add, feel free to drop a comment below in the comment section. You are always welcomed. Let me know down below – how many days it has been since your baby is not eating. Follow us on social media