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5 Reasons Poodles Are Good With Kids?

5 Reasons Poodles Are Good With Kids?

For parents considering a poodle as a family dog, a key question that they probably have is whether their kid will take well to the poodle, and vice versa. So, are poodles really compatible with children?

Generally, poodles are good with kids. Poodles’ playful, gentle, and loving attitude matches that of most Children. Standard poodles match children’s temperaments making them the best poodle for kids. Standard Poodles do not shed a lot which makes them great for kids with allergies

Okay. Right off the bat…

Are poodles kid friendly?

These are the reasons why you should choose poodles for your kids

They are simply elegant

No matter what people may say about poodles, everyone agrees that poodles carry themselves with poise and charm.

It is not hard to see why this breed makes for classy and appealing participants in dog shows: they clean up good! Your kids will gravitate towards this cute bundle instantly, and it will be fun playing with the poodle’s haircuts.

You don’t have to worry about allergies

Poodles are characterized as hypoallergenic. That means that they shed lesser fur as compared to other dog breeds. Therefore, they cause lesser harm to people with allergies.

Poodles are gentle little things.

Poodles are usually characterized as even-tempered and closely bonded with people, especially if it is in the presence of a loving affectionate family. They are also eager to please, which is a good thing when it comes to training them for good behaviors.

Poodles can keep a good eye on your kid

If trained well, the keen eye and alertness of your poodle make for a good watchdog for your kid. Now, to be clear, I’m not recommending that you leave the babysitting to your poodle – that is strange. But in your kid’s playtime, it’s never bad to have the instinct of this keen guardian.

A poodle will give your kid just enough daily exercise.

Poodles are very active. But your kid can help to use up this pent up energy while having a good time in the process. So, if your kid takes to the poodle, playing catch and chase around the yard or in the park will seem livelier than getting hooked on video games.

At the very least, walking the poodle will give both good exercise and some fresh air.

And inside the house, the poodle will actually be pretty tame and calm, so your kid can just relax on the sofa with his/her pal.

Overall, there are a host of benefits for choosing a poodle as a family pet- they fit well with kids. But what if you’re a parent of a kid with autism asking is whether poodles are good for autistic kids?

The answer is a resounding yes! What makes a poodle a fantastic pet for autistic kids is the fact that poodles are highly intelligent, obedient, and full of enthusiasm. The poodle will make for a good companion and therapy buddy.

Now that we have established that the poodle is a pretty good choice, are there any drawbacks. Let’s find out.

Some concerns about poodles with kids

As with anything serious in life, there are always downsides. Here’s what you have to keep an eye on in choosing a poodle as a family dog:

High-strung personality not fitting with the kids.

Although poodles are generally gentle, some types such as miniature poodles can be nervous and easily irritable – as a result, they might not bond well with kids.

To avoid this, it is important to pick the breed that fits better with kids, and I discuss the various breed below.

Risk of injury on the poodle and the kids.

It is important to check that fun doesn’t get too excited. To avoid harm on either kids or the poodle, it is important to set rules with your kid. On the part of the poodle, pick the right size of poodle to minimize harm – I explain why this is important below.

Separation anxiety.

If poodles are so good for kids, it makes sense that kids may want infinite playtime with them.

This can be challenging for the poodle and your kid when your kid needs to go to school, for example.

Chances are that your kid could throw a tantrum over leaving his/her friend behind. Poodles can also show a depressive mood over being left behind.

In these moments, it can help to keep your poodle occupied (for instance with treats) while getting your kid ready to leave.

The right type of poodle for your kids

Deciding what kind of poodle to get for your family can be tough, especially if this is your first time.

If you want to make the choice easier, definitely don’t leave it all to the kids; otherwise they’ll choose solely based on looks – which is not bad, but still.

There are three common kinds of poodles: standard poodles, miniature poodles, and toy poodles. Let’s look at each of them:

Standard Poodles

A standard poodle is the best choice for kids; in terms of compatibility. This is because standard poodles have enough pent up energy to handle kids and, more importantly, they are evenly sized for interactions with kids. Therefore, bodily harm is minimized with standard poodles.

Also, standard poodles are good for kids with allergies because they do not shed too much fur. Furthermore, standard poodles fit well with other pets such as cats and other dogs.

Word of caution though: standard poodles need regular clipping (usually between four and six weeks) and they need lots of exercise and companionship.

Choose standard poodles if: you want a dog that is easily trainable and that you can housebreak easily, colorful looking, athletic, lively and playful, and polite with other animals and strangers.

Miniature Poodles

Generally, miniature poodles are a good fit for kids. However, there is that risk that the one you get can have a high-strung personality which can make bonding tough.

Thankfully, even with this temperamental kind of miniature poodle, there are steps you can take to smooth things over with proper training and raising. So, if your kids really want a miniature poodle, this is a choice you can live with.

Choose miniature poodles if: you’re looking for an active dog that likes to stay close to his owner. Also, if you have smaller children.

Toy Poodles

Toy poodles are also a good choice of poodle for your kids. Toy poodles are tiny and cute – you likely won’t have to fight your kids on this choice. The only concern about toy poodles is their tiny size.

It is possible for kids to harm this cute pet as they excitedly carry on with their games.

But if your kid is determined about a toy poodle, you can get a toy poodle and set some ground rules on how to deal properly with the poodle.

Choose toy poodles if: you want a sensitive and reliable companion.

Ultimately, if you do choose one of the above three, talk with your kids is necessary. As much as the kids want a good time, so too does the poodle. Let’s find out how to achieve this below.

Ground Rules: Good times for both poodle and kids

It is important to have a talk with kids so that you ensure they’re treating the pet well. In turn, you’ll help to ensure that your kids do not inadvertently irritate the poodle because that’s how attacks from pets happen.

Here’s what you need to go over with your kids:

  1. Don’t play rough with the poodle – this could evoke irritation from the poodle and they may bite the kid. In addition, lifting a toy poodle is not okay since the poodle can tumble out and hit the ground badly.
  2. Don’t interrupt poodles while they’re eating ­– just like you would probably get annoyed when someone came between you and your meal, poodles also do not usually appreciate that kind of fun.
  3. Don’t interrupt poodles while they’re sleeping – This might startle the poodle and it can lunge or bite at the kid.
  4. Don’t scream at the poodle – Again, this can cause irritation for the poodle. Also, this behavior might make bonding difficult between the kids and the poodle.

In addition to these very basic ground rules, it can be beneficial for your kid, with time, to learn how to take care of the poodle. This can teach the kid the importance of responsibility in a fun and playful manner. For instance, some of the tasks that you can do and teach your kid include bathing the poodle, brushing his hair, clipping his nails, and feeding him.


Poodles are a fantastic fit for children. Standard poodles are said to be the best choice for families. However, other breeds of poodles also fit well. In addition to the above information, be sure to consult dog trainers and breeders, if you can, so that they can give you more detail about your chosen poodle’s temperament –as they often vary. In the end, it comes down to how well the poodle fits with your specific home situation.