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Are Munchkin Cats Hypoallergenic? 9 Tips for Allergic Family

Are Munchkin Cats Hypoallergenic? 9 Tips for Allergic Family

Are you planning to adopt a Munchkin Cats? If you are, there are a lot of things and factors that you need to consider before you decide whether a Munchkin Cats is what you need and if it fits with your family or not. If anybody or even you have allergies then it is very obvious to ask if a Munchkin Cats are going to be hypoallergenic or not.

Are Munchkin Cats hypoallergenic? Munchkin`Cats are not considered as hypoallergenic cat breed. However, they do come with a coat that has either short hair or long hair that produces less danders.

Are Munchkin Cats Hypoallergenic? 9 Tips for Allergic Family
Are Munchkin Cats Hypoallergenic? 9 Tips For Allergic Family

So, you are more likely to experience some moderate shedding from a Munchkin Cats compares to other breeds. If you are worried you should adopt one or not, this breed can be a good option for owners with a less serious allergy.

After knowing whether Munchkin Cats are hypoallergenic or not there are few preventive measures that you can take to decrease any possible allergies being triggered. If you really want to learn about a Munchkin Cats dandruff amount, shedding time, and other things that can / may contribute towards allergies, then here is what you need to know. 

Why Munchkin Cats are not considered as hypoallergenic cat breeds?

Are Munchkin Cats Hypoallergenic? 9 Tips for Allergic Family
Are Munchkin Cats Hypoallergenic?

It’s a good question to ask but before we know why they are not considered as hypoallergenic cat breeds, you should understand what hypoallergenic cat means. The word hypoallergenic simply means that the animal that you are going to adopt is not going to cause any allergies to anyone around it. Often, it has been seen that hypoallergenic feline breeds shed little to nothing at all.

By which it can easily be observed that they will not have much danders compared to other felines breed that will cause any possible irritants for those who are really allergic to animals like big cats. 

But you really believe that hypoallergenic cat breed exists? have you ever wondered whether hypoallergenic cat breed exists or not? If you have, then the straight would be no, there is no such breed that is a 100% hypoallergenic present in this world. Why?

None of the breeds can be considered hypoallergenic because all cats need to shed sometimes, which means they are going to produce some danders and also they will have some Fel d1 protein that is believed to be the major cause of allergy from cats. You may think that the only cause of allergy from a pet is there hair and urine but this is not the case. In Munchkin Cats, the main cause of allergy from pets is their saliva and danders as they are the major irritants.

Of course, other major causes can trigger someone’s allergies like their hair, urine but most of the time it has been seen that saliva and danders at the major irritants that are causing allergies to their owner or someone with allergies.

Almost 10% of the state population is allergic to animals, so it is very important to take a quick look around if there is somebody present who is allergic to animals. If there is, then it would be very difficult to maintain one’s allergies because they are going to shed moderately. Munchkin Cats tend to shed moderately that leaves danders behind which can get spread all over the floor, onto your cloth and even in your food. 

In Munchkin Cats, they tend to have a coat with either short hair or long hair that can shed moderately. That is why Munchkin Cats are not considered as hypoallergenic but they don’t shed as much as necessary other cat breeds. They are going to have some danders that can cause irritants that have the potential to bother the one who is allergic to animals.

So, the so-called cat breeds that are considered as hypoallergenic cats are not entirely void of danders and shedding. The only reason behind them called a hypoallergenic breed is they don’t have the same reaction as another cat breed who tend to have incredibly thick Coat that sheds frequently and causes too many danders spreading. Talking about the coats, there are two types of coats that can be found in cats a single coat or a double coat. 

Cats that tend to have a single coat are less likely to shed then cats with double coats in the summer season because they will have less hair. Cats with double coat need to shed to stay cooler in the hot days, otherwise, they can’t even survive in the summer season. 

That is why Munchkin Cats is more likely to shed in the spring but adopting a Munchkin Cats that have short hair factors into less shedding and it will also make it easier for you to maintain the grooming. However, you can’t stop them from shedding because they need to shed in the spring but you can control and it won’t cause as many allergies at some other cat breeds.

How much Munchkin Cats shed?

Are Munchkin Cats Hypoallergenic? 9 Tips for Allergic Family
How much Munchkin Cats shed?

If you adopt a Munchkin Cats with short hair then it will come with plus, medium, weather coat that is less likely to shed then Munchkin Cats with long hair that comes with silky, semi-long, weather coat. every breed of cat shed sometimes, some shed more why some less. By looking at the coat of a Munchkin Cats, you can easily notice that they are going to shed more in the summer. 

However, Munchkin Cats do shed but not as much as you/one would think. They can either come with short hair on long hair, so it is very difficult to determine the exact amount of shedding that is going to happen. It will be fair if we describe the propensity for shedding by saying average, with caveats. They are definitely going to lose some hair while they will be playing around or scratching themselves all day long. 

Apart from that, we all know that cats’ hair grows continuously as it needs to replace the old one, in which hair will subsequently fallout. With the age, in cats, new hair is going to grow, to replace the old hairs as it is a simple cycle of life, that is going to happen continuously throughout his or her lifetime. With age, as your cat growing old, they will shed more often as their coat needs to become thinner.

However, when cats are young with full of energy, they can easily rub themself or scratched themself and even run around which can indirectly help them keep up their hair and Danders to more of a minimum. In conclusion, a Munchkin Cats is going to shed as it is a part of their life cycle process because they need to make some room for new hair growth. 

However, if you notice your Munchkin Cats shedding more like a lot, then there is definitely something wrong with your feline and you need to see a doctor. Excessive shedding is considered as health problems and is the common one that can be found in most of the animals. 

Many minor things can contribute to increased shedding of your feline hair like bad diet, the wrong method of grooming or your feline was already suffering from allergies.

Apart from that, Munchkin Cats tend to shed most in the spring. Plus, if you live in a place with the high temperature where the temperature is always warm then you might expect to see some frequent shedding going on on your feeling skin. 

But still coming to the point as I stated earlier a Munchkin Cats shouldn’t shed much. So, you make sure that you always look for excessive shedding in your Munchkin Cats.

Here’s what contributes to people allergies

Are Munchkin Cats Hypoallergenic? 9 Tips for Allergic Family
Are Munchkin Cats Hypoallergenic?

They are lots of things that contribute to people allergy but here we are only going to discuss the major things that come from cats that can trigger allergies. According to the recent survey of the United States, two of the major reasons or causes that triggered people’s allergies are there dander and saliva.

In Munchkin Cats, they tend to have more danders allergen then saliva allergen. By which it means, they are going to spread some small particles into the air which are known as danders that can trigger peoples allergies when they will be scratching themselves or rubbing themselves against the thing to itch itself

The people that are considered as allergic to animals tend to have over-sensitive human systems and Munchkin Cats’ danders can easily contribute some problems to his / her allergies. Some people can also get affected by their Saliva and here.

How you can avoid allergy from being triggered by Munchkin Cats?

After knowing that Munchkin Cats are not hypoallergenic cat breeds there are some tips for your family that can help to prevent too many danders from getting spread and shedding from happening. If you really want to enjoy life with your Munchkin Cats and want to prevent too much shedding, here are the tips for you and your family that can help you in keeping those danders and shedding to a minimum.


This is the most important point that you need to consider and learn if you really want to keep those irritants to a minimum. There are many peoples out there who think that bathing them too often can help them prevent too much shedding from happening and danders from getting stuck on the clothes and around their house.

But this is a misconception, actually, it’s the opposite. When you bath a Munchkin Cats too much, it makes the skin look natural and dry by which it means then it can promote more danders forming on the dry skin. Bathing them frequently can cause danders forming on their dry skin aggressively.

Always keep in mind to bath them only when you feel it necessary. From our end, it will be recommended to bathe them once a month or every 6 weeks. If you are planning to bath them once a week or twice a month then we would say that you are wrong here, you should reset the bathing schedule.

You may have noticed that most of the cats don’t even like their feet getting on water or getting a bath by which we are trying to make a point that you bath a cat once a month as it makes everyone happy. Bathing them too much can make them feel unhappy and behave uncooperatively.

Apart from that, if your feline lifestyle is surrounded by more outside activity than indoor activities and you feel that your cat needs a frequent or a quick bath, due to her feet getting into something smelly or sticky or getting dirty outside then it is OK to bath then. But remember that you do it in the right way.

Bathing them with warm water or cold water is not going to make some difference in their skin. It isn’t going to make too much difference in their skin. Apart from that, you should consider using a proper and natural conditioner shampoo on their skin as it will help them to moisturize their skin and prevent the skin from being dry

You may find some shampoos and conditioner expensive than others but believe me, it is going to worth it for your cat’s skin and coat


Everyone thinks that grooming is very important to make the feline look clean and beautiful but they aren’t aware of the effectiveness of grooming that can make a huge difference in how one’s allergy reacts to Munchkin Cats. Do you know? Proper and effective grooming can help you prevent too much danders from getting struck around your clothes.

After hours and hours of research on Munchkin Cats’ grooming, we learned that the most important factor of grooming in Munchkin Cats that can make a huge difference in keeping those irritants two minimum is brushing their coat regularly.

You may want to avoid this but brushing coat daily is very very very important as it can help you prevent too much dead skin getting spread around your house. Even when the nonshedding period/season is going on, it is still necessary to brush their fur every day.

If you really want to get rid of those loose hairs or excessive fur that can get stuck on your clothes while you will be playing with your little feline or handling your little kitty, you must be considered proper grooming done on your Munchkin Cats. Apart from that, when the shedding season arrives, by which I mean spring season, their hair needs to get replaced and shedding is going to be heavier than usual.

In those days, you can use a good de-shedding tool as it can help you get rid of as much as loose hair and skin as you can, that is just sitting and waiting to stuck up onto your clothes or on the couch. If you don’t have one you can easily buy one from Amazon. As it is going to worth it and help you lessen the work for you. You can also use a simple brush but a good De-shedding tool will be always recommended

Apart from that, you must know that dry skin also promotes shedding and danders forming. There is also another benefit of brushing their coat daily. Brushing their coat daily can prevent their skin from being dry as when you brush a feline’scoat, their skin releases natural oils all over her body that helps to prevent the skin from being dry, which means there will be less dander forming on their skin.

It doesn’t matter whether a Munchkin Cats comes with short hair long hair, brushing that coat is the only grooming that is required to be done daily. Apart from that, it would also be recommended if you just brush them outside so that hairs won’t get spread all over your house and doesn’t get collected inside.

It would also be very smart if the person with allergies is not around when you will be brushing your Munchkin’s coat

Adding to that, it is also very important that you brush them with the direction of their hair grows as it can make the grooming experience less painful for your cat. Always remember that most of the cats hate being groomed and brushing their coat against the direction of the hair growth can make the experience very painful for your cat.

Washing your hand after spending time with your Munchkin Cats

Even you groom them and bath them properly, they are still considered as non-hypoallergenic cat breeds, so you must wash your hand after every playtime with your Munchkin Cats.

It is very important to wash your hand after you are done petting your Munchkin Cats as it can vastly improve your / one’s allergic reactions to Munchkin Cats. Whenever someone pets their Munchkin and doesn’t wash their hands after they are done petting or handling them, unconsciously they are more likely to touch their head, nose, eyes, mouth and also get those irritants to the places where it shouldn’t be.

When someone touches a cat, lots of small particles can get stuck on their hand, body, clothes, and Palm which can make huge problems for them or their family members if not heightened. Ignoring a proper hand wash after petting your cat can make the problems spread more easily.

By proper hand wash you can prevent those irritants from spreading all over you and causing any possible allergic reactions. We are not saying that you shouldn’t be spending time with your feline or playing with them. 

We are just trying to make a point that not washing your hands after spending those time can cause you a huge problem that you might face in the future or promote any ongoing problem in you or your family member.

It will be very wise if you wash your hand as it can be the best thing that you can do to prevent any possible allergic reactions. Plus, ignoring a proper hand wash can make you feel itch around your body and even force you to take a quick bath to get each free.

Bedroom off-limit

It sounds very aww when you hear a girl sleeping with her feline in their bed but do you know that it can help in contributing to some problems of being severely allergic. A cat is always going to shed either in their own bed or yours.

Apart from that, they also tend to rub their back whenever they feel itch so that they can get rid of itch and sometimes, they even scratch themselves in your bed which can leave some danders right into the bed, where you will put your hands and face unconsciously, allowing those irritants get right into your nose and Eyes which can make you feel miserable.

If you really want to avoid such situations, you can just simply apply some bedroom off-limits by teaching your cat to stay off your bed. Plus, it would be recommended that you close your door as it will give some lotion to your cat it’s not the place where she can be hanging around.

You must clean your house to make it allergen-free frequently

Apart from proper grooming, proper bath, washing your hand and applying that bedroom off-limits, the most important thing that can help you to make your residential place danders free is by cleaning your home frequently. Cleaning your home frequently can help you keeping hairs and danders to the minimum that you and your family can come into contact with.

Cat is not going to shed by looking at the clock, by which we mean that their danders and hair can get stuck to everything. You can easily prevent the amount of danders and hairs from getting spread around your house by cleaning your home frequently and effectively.

It is very important to clean every corner of your house once a week to make it allergen-free, you will also need to clean those places that is hard to reach. You can use a good and powerful vacuum cleaner to get rid of shredded hair and danders. A powerful and good vacuum cleaner is going to help you in reaching those places that is hard to reach by your hand.

Cat breeds that are less likely to trigger people’s allergies

  • Cornish Rex
  • Russian Blue
  • Sphynx Cat
  • Siberian Cat
  • Balinese Cat
  • Oriental Shorthair