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Are Hounds Hypoallergenic? Tips For Families With Allergies

Are Hounds Hypoallergenic? Tips For Families With Allergies

Almost 10% of United States populations are allergic to animals. It is very common to have allergies around animals. Some dog breeds are considered hypoallergenic dogs and can make great pets for those who suffer allergies from animals.

However, there is no such breed that is 100% hypoallergenic but somehow few of them manage to carry fewer irritants than others. The American Kennel Club labeled over 270 breeds as hypoallergenic dogs based on their amount of shedding.

If you are the one who has allergies to animals and looking to adopt a Hounds is a pet, it is very obvious to know if Hounds is going to be hypoallergenic or not and if they can be a perfect companion for you. In this article, I am going to give you all the details that you need to know about Hounds as hypoallergenic dogs.

Are Hounds hypoallergenic? Hounds are one of the 270 dog breeds that have been labeled by the American Kennel Club as hypoallergenic dogs. Even they feature long hairs and thick coats, they almost shed little to nothing. Hounds seem to cause the least trouble to one’s allergies.

There will be less danders forming on Hounds coat compared to other breeds

If you are still confused about whether you should adopt Hounds or not, don’t be worried as I am going to throw some great tips through which you can make your home more Hounds friendly and allergen-free. So, to know that go through the whole article.

In the case of Hounds, You are less likely to experience an allergy to get triggered but if you are still worried about being allergic toHounds, here is what you need to know if you want to prepare yourself and your home against allergies.

Are Hounds Hypoallergenic? Tips For Families With Allergies
Are Hounds Hypoallergenic? Tips For Families With Allergies

Hounds as Hypoallergenic Dogs

Are Hounds Hypoallergenic? Tips For Families With Allergies
Are Hounds Hypoallergenic?

If you love to keep Hunting dogs as pets and looking forward to adopting a hypoallergenic dog then you are in luck. In the case of Hounds, you can rest easy as they to be considered as hypoallergenic dog breeds.

However, no animal is a hundred percent hypoallergenic but Hounds is among the closest one you can get. You are less likely to experience any kind of itch around your body, yes – most of the people don’t face an allergic reaction around Hounds.

They shed little to Nothing by which I mean that is one of the most important reasons behind being labeled as one of the 270 hypoallergenic dog breeds and they are also one of the safest options for those who are allergic to animals. Even they feature long hair, they don’t shed heavily but they do need some grooming done on the coat occasionally to keep them allergen-free all the time.

Let’s take a look at certain features that comes with Hounds and allows them to be extremely excellent pets for you and peoples with allergies.

Nonshedding Coat

Just by looking at the hounds, you can easily notice that they feature long hairs on the coat but the most amazing fact about them is they don’t shed as much as other breeds but this doesn’t mean that they are not going to shed completely.

I have petted (dachshund) one of those Hounds played my whole life and the most important thing about them that I noticed is that even, everywhere it is written that they don’t shed,  they still used to shed few times a year

Their long hair used to get attached to almost everything. Even they were known to be a hypoallergenic dog, I have to do some grooming practices on their coat to get rid of it and finally I achieved in keeping the shedding to a minimum

Even though they are considered as a hypoallergenic dog as they tend to shed less, still they are not going to be completely nonshedding dogs. some of the Hounds breeds can shed more than others.

You will experience aggressive shedding going on and more dander forming on their skin if the grooming practices are neglected by you or by their owner? they need to be shaved or trimmed often to make some room for new hair growth.

Some hounds come with long hair and they need more grooming practices done on their coat to get rid of excessive hair in order to prevent any possibility of dander forming on their skin. On the other hand, some hounds come with short hair and need less grooming practices to keep the danders forming to a minimum.

Low Danders Shedding

Hounds are considered hypoallergenic dogs because of their low shedding feature. Due to their low shedding shading feature, less danders shedding is going to take place from their coat. Apart from that, their natural oils also help their skin stayed moisturized all the time.

Danders is one of the major causes that create/promote allergies to peoples. Apart from saliva, the amount of danders forming is one of the major factors that contribute to one’s allergies. Well, it’s not a bad thing but for those who suffer from an allergic reaction to animals, it’s neither a good thing.

Fortunately, Hounds tend to shed less, and there will be fewer danders forming on the skin to irritate you. Compared to other large hunting dog breeds, Hounds are the way too perfect pets for those who have allergies from animals.

Even they have long hair, you can reduce the amount of danders forming on their skin by practicing a proper grooming method. Apart from that, it feels good when you have a clean & healthy hunting dog as a pet in your home.

There are lots of different hypoallergenic dogs breed that you can find in the market but out of all, Hounds are the best. They work well with children and they are also good night Watch Dogs.

Sturdiness and Intelligence

Hounds come with a very strong personality, they are known for their intelligence level and sturdiness. Apart from that, they are also a good companion for those who are looking for Night Watch Dog and a playful buddy for themselves.

Hounds are also very easy to train because of their high intelligence level. You can easily train them to follow your command and make them stay in one place to control the danders spreading all over the home. Plus, it is also easy to teach them not to lick you so that you can make them keep their tongue to themselves and avoid their harmful protein that is found in their saliva.

Training can come very handy to that owner who has an allergy. You may not find the training very significant right now, but later, I will explain to you why training is one of the most important factors that can affect how your allergies react to Hounds.

So, in conclusion, due to their intelligence level, it is very easy to train them and make them follow your command to stay in one place and to teach them not to lick you. In this way, you can easily keep the amount of danders forming and spreading to a minimum.

Low Tendency to Drool

Its advantage To own a dog that drools less for owners who have an allergy. Fortunately, Hounds don’t drool as much as other dog breeds and also prefer to keep their tongue to themselves.

Not all breed of Hounds are going to have a low tendency to drool but still, some of them can drool little to nothing at all. Apart from danders, the second major cause of allergic reaction that can Trigger any allergic reaction is their protein that can found in their saliva and urine.

If you are one of them who don’t like to be licked by a dog, then Hounds are the best option for you and also can be the safest option when it comes to allergies. No doubts, low tendency to drool is one of those certain factors that make them hypoallergenic dog breeds

Your Dogs Allergies

Are Hounds Hypoallergenic? Tips For Families With Allergies
Are Hounds Hypoallergenic?

Before we learn how you can make a home more Hounds friendly and allergy-free, let’s take a quick look at your allergies

Mostly, there are three common energies that people have from dogs

  • Saliva
  • Tenders
  • Urine

Usually, in terms of dog, these three are the most common and major cause of allergies that tend to irritate people two different degrees. Keep in mind, if you really want to avoid these three major cause of the allergy, you should be looking to set some goals and achieve those goals to make your home more Hounds-friendly and allergy-free

Goals to Set and Achieve to Make Your Home Hound-Friendly and Allergen-Free

  • Hounds are easy to train, so make sure that you train them to follow your command and ensure that they stay at one place most of the time to avoid dander spreading all over the house

  • Even, Hounds are hypoallergenic dogs breed, it is still recommended clean your Hounds often and ensure that the danders are at the minimum

  • Teach them to keep their turn to themselves and not to lick you, so that you can avoid their saliva that can make you feel miserable and itch around your body

  • You should always moisturize their skin after every single bath with your dog to ensure that their skin is not getting dry as dry skin promotes more danders forming on the skin

  • Everybody knows that not brushing your dog’s coat can make their hair look Tangled and untidy, but apart from that it is also recommended to brush their coat once in two or three days to ensure that their skin releases natural oils that help to keep their skin healthy and moisturized

  • Make sure that you wash your hand properly after spending time with your Hounds.

  • Do not handle your Hounds on the couch or on your bed as the danders can get fall right into your bed, where you will be putting your naked hand unconsciously and allowing those irritants to irritate you and make you feel itch around your body

  • Make sure that you set a proper bathing schedule as bathing Hounds too often can make their skin look unnatural and dry and that can promote more danders forming on their skin.

  • If you have allergies, it doesn’t matter whether the hypoallergenic dog is around you or a non-hypoallergenic dog because still, hypoallergenic dogs can Trigger your allergies, so it is advisable to take care medications properly and ensure that you are keeping your immune system healthy and making yourself ready to fight with those allergens.

  • If more than one family member has an allergy to animals, it is recommended to install a good air cleaner where your family member can breathe clean and allergen-free air

Tips For a Family With an Allergy

Are Hounds Hypoallergenic? Tips For Families With Allergies
Are Hounds Hypoallergenic?

It is good to adopt a dog in your home that is is hypoallergenic but it will be better if you take some precautions to prevent any allergy from getting triggered and make you feel miserable

It’s a good choice to adopt a hypoallergenic dog in your home as it is easier to live with them like Hounds but still, you need to take some precaution and do some work that is needed in your Hounds to keep them and stay hypoallergenic all the time by which I mean all his lifetime.

It’s a smart thing to follow these tips, neglecting these tips – you are more likely to get irritated by your hypoallergenic Hounds breed. Allergies aren’t going to see if a hypoallergenic dog is around you or non-hypoallergenic dog, they can still act up around a Hounds breed.

Before I tell you those precautions that you can take to make your home Hounds friendly and allergy-free, the first lesson for you is to never blame your dog if your allergies act around it as it is not their fault, it is more your fault like you may have neglected these tips and prevented to do some grooming practices that is needed to be done on your dog. You must take some precautions even with the hypoallergenic dog breeds.

So, here are the precautions that you need to take to make your home allergy free

No dogs on the Couch and Bedroom off-limit

Make sure that you teach your dog to stay away from your bed as when you handle your dog in your bed or sleep with them, you encourage those danders to get right into your bed that can trigger your allergies very badly.

Their danders can get stuck in your bedsheet and couch fabrics where you will be putting your naked body and your hands, allowing those irritants to make you feel itchy. Unwillingly, you might have to take a bath to be itch-free.

That’s why on every big website that has many experts sitting around and working for them advises setting bedroom off-limit to prevent allergic reactions that you might face in the future or can promote any ongoing issues in you.

According to Web MD, you should never handle your dog on the couch, on your bed, and never allow your dog to roam around in the kitchen. Allowing your Hounds to be anywhere he wants can promote more dandruff spreading in your home, you can find their hair to almost everything. You can find it on the couch, on the bed, only bathroom, in the kitchen, and even in the food sometimes.

Air Cleaner

The majority of PET owners never use an air cleaner in their home but those who have an over-sensitive immune system and suffer from allergy should always install a good air cleaner in their home so that they can breathe in fresh, allergy-free, and healthy oxygen through the air.

There are multiple options available online or at the local stores that you can choose from but the most common brand that has been used by United States Majority is HEPA. Hepa air filters have been the most used brand in the United States for decades

If you are looking to install these HEPA filters in your home, these are few filters that we have reviewed that can help you clean through the air that you breathe in.

Wash Your Hand After Petting Your Dog

Most people seem to declare this little thing that can make a huge difference in how allergies react to Hounds. From our viewpoint, it is best if you wash your hand properly with a good hand wash after handling your Hounds or petting them.

Not washing your hand properly after spending time with your Hounds and especially when you make physical contact with your buddy, you are more likely to experience some allergies and feel itchy around your body that can make you feel miserable.

When you touch a dog, their loose hair and danders can get stuck right into your palm through which you will be touching your face, ear, nose, eyes, and mouth unconsciously, that can make the problems spread more easily

We are not saying that you shouldn’t spend some time with your Hounds or make any physical contacts with them, we are just trying to make a point that proper hand wash can make a huge difference in how your allergy reacts around your dog and it is also one of those little things that really matter in keeping your skin healthy.


Proper and effective grooming can make a huge difference in how your allergy reacts around your Hounds. You may not think that grooming is much as effective as its sound but actually it is one of the most important factors that decide if your allergy is going to be triggered by a Hounds or any hypoallergenic or not.

The most important factor of proper grooming that can be very effective for owners with an allergy is brushing their Coat. Brushing their coat is very-very-very important if you really want to keep danders forming on the skin at a minimum.

When you brush your dog’s coat, their skin releases natural healthy oil all over his whole body that keeps their skin moisturized all the time and prevents the skin from being dry. When dog’s skin gets dry, it produces more dead skin on the coat which are known as danders and can increase the amount of danders forming in your Hounds

As Hounds don’t shed as much as other dog breeds, you don’t need to invest in and de-shedding tool. You can just brush their coat by a simple brush like a slicker or pin brush. If you don’t know how to brush a dog coat, you can make a visit to a nearby groomer and get their hair trim or you can also get their hair brushed.

Best Bristle BrushFeature & Why to BuyCheck on Amazon
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For beginners, it is more recommended to trim Hounds hair as it will be easier for you to live around it. If you want to keep their hair long then you can also prefer to brush their coat but just to brush their coat visiting a groomer is going to increase your monthly budget. So it is recommended to brush their coat by yourself but in the right way.

How to brush dog's coat
How To Brush Dog’s Coat?



When I adopt a dog first time in my life, I used to think that bathing a dog too often can decrease the amount of danders forming on their skin as all the danders is going to be washed off from the skin in the water but the result was opposite.

By doing proper research and spending hours & hours of internet surfing, I found that bathing a dog too often can make the skin dry as the natural oils get washed off in the water and dry skin promotes more danders forming. (Stupid Me)


I learned that we should only bath a dog when needed so I set a schedule to bath my dog once a month or maybe twice if needed. I also invested some money on good and proper shampoo and conditioner so that it can moisturize their skin and prevent the skin from being dry.


At first, I found these shampoos and conditioners way too expensive than the others but it was worth it as I started to see some difference in their skin and coat. You should also bath a dog once a month and in the right way, and also look forward toward investing money on a proper and good shampoo and conditioner too much arise their skins

If your dog lifestyle is mostly surrounded by lots of outside activities then it is OK to bath then more than once a month but do it in the right way. This little thing can make a huge difference in your dog lifestyles and your allergic reactions. So, in conclusion, these are some of the tips that can make your life more easier and healthy around Hounds and lead to a happy life.


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