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Are Green Cheek Conures Loud? [3 Tips To Silence Them]

Are Green Cheek Conures Loud? [3 Tips To Silence Them]

If you live in an apartment as I do, and you are considering getting a parrot as a pet. Its loudness can be a deal-breaker. I mean who wants to keep on getting bashed by their neighbors about the noise of their bird? One of the most colorful pet parrots is a conure, a green cheek conure to be specific. I was wondering how apartment-friendly these little birds are. I did some digging, and here is what I found.

Are green cheek conures loud?

Green cheek conures are not loud, especially when compared to Nanday conures, while, they make some noise depending on the situation. They are not loud enough to bother other apartment dwellers. This fact makes Green cheek conures a good pet bird for the apartments. While not great talkers green cheek conures can learn a few words.

The Nanday Conure is the loudest of all conures with its noise levels reaching as high as 155 decibels followed by the Sun conure with noise levels reaching 120 decibels.

This means that the only way you can keep a Nanday conure as a pet in an apartment is by soundproofing their room to avoid disturbing your neighbors especially if they do not love birds as you do.

Why do Green cheek conures get loud?


Green cheeked conures love to play and enjoy a spacious cage and lots of toys to play with. When they are not playing with their owners they will be busy playing with the toys in the cage even hanging upside down.

However, the problem comes when they get bored either because they are not getting attention from their owners. A small cage or lack of enough toys.

Generally, a conure needs two hours with its owner and when you do not give them that much attention. Screeching will be their way of demanding it.

So make sure your conure whichever type gets enough of you, has a large cage and enough toys.


If you are not feeding your conure enough food, or you happen to forget to feed them when it’s their time to eat.

They will use their vocals to make sure you get the message loud and clear.

Always ensure your conure gets enough food and water. A high-quality commercial pellet is preferred as it contains all the nutrients that a conure needs.

Fruits and vegetables should also be part of the conure daily diet making up about 20-25% of the daily diet.

Lastly, always ensure that your conure has access to fresh, clean, and chlorine-free water.

Lack of exercise

All varieties of conure like to exercise either in their cage or out of the cage. If you have a small cage they might not get enough space to move around and exercise, same thing happens their cage does not have enough toys for them to play with.

If at the end of the day you do not give them two hours of exercise and socializing, they will release the excess energy by screaming as much as they can.

Green cheeked conures for instance are very affectionate to their owners and you do not give them the attention they need.

Seeking attention

Green cheeked conures for instance are very affectionate to their owners, these conures are always willing to show their affection to their owners.

In fact, conures fall under the category of the best bird cuddlers. You should devote a considerable amount of time to being with your conure each day.

Failure to which your conure will get loud to make sure you understand that you are neglecting them. In fact, conures are known to produce certain sounds as a way of checking on their owners and if you do not respond they will keep on increasing the screaming until someone responds.


Conures like flying around and playing with toys in their cage. In the process, they may get hurt by the toys or the cage especially if their cage is round.

As a result, when you touch them, you may hurt them and they will scream due to pain.

The best cage is spacious and rectangular in shape.


Like humans, conures too become anxious. If you forget to feed them when the feeding time comes. Or you forget to take them out of the cage at a particular time that you have accustomed them to.

They will get anxious and scream as a result.

Which conure is loudest?

Clearly, Nanday conures are the loudest of the conure varieties with 155 decibels. This is a parrot you will want to keep off, especially if you stay in an apartment.

The table below shows the loudest parrots including conures that are not suitable for an apartment.

Parrot TypeAverage Decibel Levels
Nanday Conure155 decibels
Mealy Amazon Parrot124 decibels
Sun Conure120 decibels
Moluccan Cockatoo120 decibels
Eclectus Parrot115 decibels
Quaker Parrot113 decibels
Rose-Ringed Parakeet111 decibels
Hyacinth Macaw106 decibels
Scarlet Macaw105 decibels

The table below shows the quietest parrots that can be suitable for an apartment.

Parrot TypeAverage Decibel Levels
Parrotlets65 decibels
Budgies68 decibels
Cockatiels75 decibels
Lovebirds83 decibels
Senegal Parrot89 decibels
Meyer’s Parrot89 decibels
Red-Bellied Parrot89 decibels

How To Stop or control Conures Screaming

Identify why they scream

The first step if you want to stop conures from screaming is to identify why they are screaming in the first place. Know the problem and then offer the solution.

Take Care of the conure

Most of the time, conures scream due to lack of something or when they are excited. However, taking care of your bird does not necessarily mean that they will not scream.

Conures can at times decide to just scream. Plus when they scream due to the excitement of seeing you, you will have to learn to get used to that part of screaming.

Soundproofing your conures room

If the noise becomes unbearable you can simply soundproof your conure’s room or its cage. This may even cut the noise to zero.

Soundproofing your bird’s room can even allow you to keep other parrots that are louder than conure if you can tolerate the noise when you are in the room.

You can visit this site over here to learn more about soundproofing your bird’s room.

Are conures loud at night? Conures can be loud in the morning, in the evening, and at night especially when they are seeking attention. Conures can become loud at night if they are stressed or if there is another noise in the room such as Tv or radio.

Are the sun conures loud at night? Unless a sun conure is not comfortable, they should not make loud noises at night. Rather, they should be asleep. Nonetheless, hearing noises they dislike in the room will make them become noisy or if they were neglected during the day. For instance, if they did not get enough playtime.

Which conure is the quietest? Green cheeked conures are the quietest among the conures with Nanday conure being the loudest.

Are green cheek conures louder than cockatiels? Yes, green cheek conures are louder than cockatiels. In fact, cockatiels are in the category of the quietest parrots while green cheeked conures belong to the loud parrots.


Conures are not fir for apartments due to their loud and noisy nature. Unless you can keep up with the loud and demanding nature of conures I would recommend going for quieter birds such as cockatiels.