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9 Cutest Hedgehogs Of The World To Pet (With Pictures)

9 Cutest Hedgehogs Of The World To Pet (With Pictures)

Looking to adopt a Hedgehog? If you are then congrats because this little nocturnal creatures can make a great pet. But, in order to protect them, you need to be a very sensitive and responsible owner.

When we think about adopting a Hedgehog, the first thing that comes to our mind is how cute are they gonna be.

In terms of cuteness, we have listed 9 cutest Hedgehog breeds that you can get and keep them in your Residency with children.

Cute hedgehogs are very popular as a pet from the last few years in the United States and families with children are considering hedgehogs as pets than other rodents.

In this guide, I am giving you some space of information about these cutest Hedgehog breeds that can make a great pet. So without wasting time – let’s begin.

9 Cutest Hedgehog Breeds

1. African Pygmy Hedgehog ( Cutest Hedgehog #1 )

9 Cutest Hedgehogs Of The World To Pet
9 Cutest Hedgehogs Of The World To Pet

This cute little Hedgehog comes in small size and that is why we have listed them in our cutest Hedgehog breeds list. These cute hedgehogs are spiny creatures and insect-eating mammals.

In one word, they are insectivorous. The African Pygmy Hedgehog is native to Newzealand, Africa, Europe, and Asia. Unfortunately, these cute hedgehogs don’t exist in North America wild.

However, it doesn’t decline its popularity as pets. This one is the most lovable pets that you can have as pets. No matter what, their popularity as a pet is never going to be declined.

These Cute Hedgehog are the most lovable pets that you can have that comes with smooth quills that look like bristles of a brush. They can make great companionship with children.

Talking about African Pygmy Hedgehog temperament, they are very low maintenance pet, quite, entertaining, active, and very nocturnal. If you are someone who has a job 9 to 5 then they can make a good pet.

This cute Hedgehog doesn’t have any craving for human affection, so they are not going to appreciate any kind of cuddling behavior from their owner.

Talking about the housing of African Pygmy hedgehogs, you need to give them a minimum space of 2 square feet to 3 square feet.

However, bigger is always better. Remember, there are very small creatures that can easily get squeezed between the bars of the cage and wire floors.

African Pygmy Hedgehog ( Cutest Hedgehog #1 )

So, avoid cages that have been followed with wire. You need to be very cautious about choosing the ideal enclosure for your African Pygmy Hedgehog.

In terms of a good diet, you can feed them a high quality of cat food that contains milk bones, crickets, grasshoppers, and other treats. Feed them with fruits and vegetables and other dog food but make sure you do your proper research because some of the fruits and vegetables can be poisonous to your Hedgehog.

2. Woodland Hedgehogs ( Cutest Hedgehog #2 )

9 Cutest Hedgehogs Of The World To Pet
9 Cutest Hedgehogs Of The World To Pet

Woodland hedgehogs are not very popular as a pet but from the last few years, they are in Trend and demand as a pet. Just like other hedgehogs, they are also spiny mammals and small nocturnal creatures.

Their quills look like a porcupine and come with cone-shaped faces. These cute little Woodland hedgehogs are listed in our cutest Hedgehog list because of their high demand.

These hedgehogs love
living and enjoy the edge of Woodlands. Because of their true love for Woodlands, they are named as Woodland hedgehogs. Just like African Pygmy Hedgehog, they are also very nocturnal creatures that have short legs and bodies.

Woodland Hedgehogs ( Cutest Hedgehog #2 )

You need to be very cautious about their diet and Habitat environment. As I told you, you need to avoid keeping them in a cage that has space less than 2 square feet to 3 square feet and is covered with wire floors.

Woodland Hedgehogs can easily get squeezed in trying to escape from the space between bars. You can feed them a variety of diet but before that, we would recommend you read this article in which the harmful and the ideal food of hedgehogs have been listed.

3. European Hedgehogs ( Cutest Hedgehog #3 )

9 Cutest Hedgehogs Of The World To Pet
9 Cutest Hedgehogs Of The World To Pet

The European Hedgehog is also known as the best European hedgehogs and common hedgehogs. They are native to Europe and mainly found in Iberia and Italy.

They can easily survive in a different habitat. They are very popular and well-known species of hedgehogs for its in daring appearance that prefers eating Garden pests.

The only reason behind to list them in our cutest Hedgehog list is for their special and endearing appearance. There was a time when it was found that they are declining severely but today their population is stable after getting confirmed by an IUCN.

European Hedgehogs ( Cutest Hedgehog #3 )

They are omnivorous species of hedgehogs and their diet includes caterpillars, earthworms, slugs, grasshoppers, and other insects. Occasionally, they also feed on some fruits and mushrooms like a supplement.

They can live around 8 years to 9 years but the average life expectancy of European Hedgehogs is 3 years. The major and common cause of their DEATH is starvation which usually occurs when they are in their hibernation.

They can be easily found in natural vegetation types grasslands, and Woodlands. It prefers leaving on lowlands and hills up to 500 to 600. They are abandoned in parks and Gardens because of human settlements.

They need special care and attention from their owner in their hibernation time. But it doesn’t mean that they can’t be a great pet.

4. Daurian Hedgehog ( Cutest Hedgehog #4 )

9 Cutest Hedgehogs Of The World To Pet
9 Cutest Hedgehogs Of The World To Pet

Look at the picture, they look cute right? Just for their special appearance, we have visited them in our cutest Hedgehog breed list. these are the small species of Hedgehog and has been listed in the red book of the Russian Federation as a protected species.

Even they are considered as endangered species, IUCN has listed them as least concern. So, it means that you can get one and PET one in your home. They usually prefer living in dense and in inhabitants of steppes and forests.

The population of this Daurian Hedgehog is declining year by year and the Russian population of the species suffered a major loss due to the extensive use of pesticides.

Daurian Hedgehog ( Cutest Hedgehog #4 )

The Daurian Hedgehog population had not returned to its original size, but they seem to have had a modest recovery. Due to the major loss of their population density in those regions, the complete status of their number/population size is still unclear.

They come in a size of 15 cm to 20 cm and can weigh between 500 grams to 1 kilogram. The average weight of Daurian Hedgehog is around 600 grams. In the world, they can easily survive and live to 6 years but in captivity, they can live more.

5. Desert Hedgehog ( Cutest Hedgehog #5 )

9 Cutest Hedgehogs Of The World To Pet
9 Cutest Hedgehogs Of The World To Pet

The desert Hedgehog is one of the most smallest Hedgehog breeds that you can find in the world. Desert Hedgehog is one of the most smallest Hedgehog breeds that you can find in the world.

The size of a desert Hedgehog is between 5.5 inches to 11 inches long. Their weight can be between 10 ounces to 18 ounces depending upon their Genetics as well as their Bloodline.

You can easily notice their spines getting Banded with different colors just like similar to four-toed Hedgehog.

When you take a quick look at its quills, you can easily notice that their quills stick out in all direction and tend to be longer than other Hedgehog breed that protect them from their Predator.

So, it can be very difficult to catch one and if you are considering to adopt one then you may have to spend some money and efforts to get one.

Desert Hedgehog can be found in different parts of countries mainly, they are found in Iran, Iraq, Israel, Egypt, Idea, Ethiopia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Sahara desert, Libya, and Saudi Arabia.

Desert Hedgehog ( Cutest Hedgehog #5 )

The breeding of desert Hedgehog takes place in March when the hibernation has ended. The female desert Hedgehog can give breed to maximum six-year and often they tend to give birth to their young in the burrow or concealed nest.

It is one of the most common species that can be found in wide distribution and are present in a large population. Plus, it is not considered as globally threatened species.

Till now, there is no major threats that have been reported for the desert Hedgehog species. Although there are some reports that show that increasing desertification within its range can lead some kind of fragmentation to its population.

In some areas, due to the new development of road construction, they may suffer increase motility in the future. However, if you are really want to adopt Hedgehog in your home by which we mean Desert Hedgehog then you may have to put some efforts.

Desert Hedgehog is one of the cutest Hedgehog that you can find in today’s world but you must know that it can be pretty much difficult to find one because it is difficult to catch one. However, with efforts, you can get one.

Talking about the diet they also need similar dietary ingredients just like other Hedgehog, however, they can also be more hungry than other Hedgehog because they live in a hot temperature.

They Can’t survive cold temperature by which we mean, if you live in a place where the temperature is always low then it can you pretty much difficult to keep them warm and nice. However, with proper care and attention, you can take care of them.

6. Four-Toed Hedgehog ( Cutest Hedgehog #6 )

9 Cutest Hedgehogs Of The World To Pet
9 Cutest Hedgehogs Of The World To Pet

Just like I told you, the desert Hedgehog just looks similar to Four-Toed Hedgehog and it is very obvious to list them in our cutest Hedgehog least.

The Four-Toed Hedgehog is a species that can be found throughout much of eastern and Central Africa.

Their population is reported to be scattered between cropland habitats and suitable Savannah. Their name has been derived from the number of pores that have been found in its Hind feet.

The population of this species is stable and by the IUCN, they are related as least concern.

They come with the shape of an oval and their size can be between 5 inches to 12 inches in length. Their weight can be around 14 ounces to 39 ounces.

Normally, it has been noticed that the females are typically larger than males and it has a short tail with short legs which length typically around 2.5 CM if they come with a small body and have a long nose.

There is quills and ears tuft can be relatively larger than other parts of the body and let me tell you that this breed has good senses. Just like its common name, they are unlike related species.

They can come in different color but typically in wild, they come with a brown or grey fine that has cream or white color tips. Quills that covers that body is packed in grey color that can have brown color around their muscle.

They have White legs, faces, and underparts. The upper part is going to be fully covered with spines that can be between 0.5 to 1.7 CM in length which is the longest of the Four-Toed Hedgehog on the upper surface of its head.

They can also have different variable colors but mainly, it has been observed that basically, it comes with a white base and tip. The male Four-Toed Hedgehog penis can be extremely visible which is located in the mid-abdomen the females, on the other hand, can have 2 to 5 pairs of teats.

They prefer living in a grassy environment and can be found at the elevation of the 500 mm above sea level. However, they are more common in low land areas.

They always prefer shelter in grassy areas or Rocky areas. They don’t like dense forest or swampland. The major Predator of Four-Toed Hedgehog is jackels, Honeybadger, hyenas, and owls.

They are nocturnal by behavior and loves to move along the ground. But, the most amazing thing about them is they are capable of swimming and climbing if they feel the need. They tend to be very high energy and can cover miles of ground in a single night.

They can feed on insects, spiders, snails, some plant matter, and even small vertebrates. They can easily tolerate toxins and according to the records, they can easily consume Scorpions and even small venomous snake.

The most common sound of a Four-Toed Hedgehog is quite twittering, and can make hiss sound when they are attacked, they can scream loudly and let me tell you, their males can produce a bird-like call during cold days.

They are one of the most popular domesticated Hedgehog that is sold in the Exotic pet trade. You can find them easily in your locality and it has been bred specially for that special temperament and color. They are also displayed as a competition in competitive Hedgehog show.

The lifespan can be between 4 years 26 years depending upon the care they get. You will need to provide them a large running wheel if you are going to keep them in captivity because they are very energetic by nature.

The good thing about this species is that they haven’t shown any kind of display of hibernation behavior. However, if you live in the United States and Canada, you may have to get a special permit because, in some localities, they are banned.

7. Hugh’s Hedgehog ( Cutest Hedgehog #7 )

9 Cutest Hedgehogs Of The World To Pet
9 Cutest Hedgehogs Of The World To Pet

Cutest Hedgehog that you can find in the present world is Hugh’s Hedgehog. Actually, Hugh is an expert of hedgehogs and the hedgehog that have been bred under his supervision is know as Hugh’s Hedgehogs.

Hugh’s Hedgehog is somehow referred to as Central Chinese hedgehogs because they are native to Central China and Manchurian.

They prefer living in an open area of dry steep. You can also find them in the forest and shrubland. They are more active in the daytime because they are known for their energetic nature.

On rainy days, you can notice them looking for food even in the daytime. There is not enough information available about them but according to the researches done by our team, they are listed as concerned species.

IUCN listed them in a red list and are not available in the Exotic pet trade. However, if you want one, and if you manage to find one, you may have to get a special permit to pet one in your home.

Apart from that, it can also be very expensive to get Hugh’s Hedgehog because they are very rare to find. Apart from that, talking about their nature, they tend to be very energetic as well as nocturnal.

You will find them feeding in at night but on a rainy day, they can be found in the daytime also. Their dietary routines are the same just like another Hedgehog breed but they tend to be less hungry than those.

They look very cute and in your palm, they can easily fit. They are one of the most famous pocket Hedgehog that you can find in the present world that’s why we have listed them in our cutest Hedgehog list.

8. Long-Eared Hedgehog ( Cutest Hedgehog #8 )

9 Cutest Hedgehogs Of The World To Pet
9 Cutest Hedgehogs Of The World To Pet

By its name long-haired Hedgehog, you can easily guess that there are going to come with a long year but that’s not the case.

Actually, this species of Hedgehog is native to Central Asian countries and you can also find in some countries of the Middle East.

They tend to live in burrows and they preferred making their own burrows over finding one. However, they do have a long ear but they are considered as one of the smallest middle Eastern Hedgehog in the whole Central Asian countries and the Middle East.

This breed of Hedgehog feeds on plant matters and small vertebrates. In captivity, they can leave as long as 5 to 8 years but it requires special care and attention and that is why I would recommend you take good care of them because they also have the tendency to carry diseases and it can be as bad.

So if you are going to keep them as a pet then it is highly recommended that you purchase a long-eared Hedgehog from a respected breeder.

They can also transmit some fever and that is why it is better to get a good quality of long-eared Hedgehog. The size of its body can be between 122 to 70 millimeters and the tail can be as long as 10 mm to 50 mm.

Long-Eared Hedgehog ( Cutest Hedgehog #8 )

The weight of a Long-Eared Hedgehog would be around 50 grams to 400 grams and is known as a very high energy Hedgehog. They can easily outrun their Predator with their relatively short needles.

Talking about their diet, most of the diets are consist of insects and due to being insectivorous, 70% of its diet should be an insect. You can feed them with diet that has worms and a tiny amount of snails and slugs. The biggest Predator of long-eared Hedgehog is Eurasian Eagle-owl.

9. Somali Hedgehog ( Cutest Hedgehog #9 )

9 Cutest Hedgehogs Of The World To Pet
9 Cutest Hedgehogs Of The World To Pet

Somali Hedgehog is native to areas on Somalia’s outer borders. It has been believed that some species by which we mean Somali Hedgehog tend to live mostly in grasslands and open habitat.

There is not much information available about this is species but according to the reports, there is not enough Somali Hedgehog habitat. It is the Hedgehog that is endemic to Somalia and they are very nocturnal by behavior.

They tend to be very energetic as well as very cheeky. The diet mainly consists of insect ingredients and they are also insectivorous hedgehogs. They can also feed on plant matters as well as small invertebrates.

In captivity, they can live around 5 to 7 years depending upon what care and attention they get. They need a large space and their captivity should have obstacles where they can drain their energy.

Being high energy Hedgehog, they need frequent exercise by which they will participate in high energy activities. Somali Hedgehog are small in size and look very cute, they can be aggressive towards their owners.

By IUCN, they have been listed as least concern and that’s how we can understand that they are in no threat. They can be a great pet but it can also be very difficult to find one because they are difficult to find in Europe.

If you want to keep them as a pet then you may also have to get special permission because, in some states, it is illegal to pet a Somali Hedgehog. Due to their small size and special feature, we listed them in our cutest Hedgehog pet list.

Final Conclusion

I hope that I managed to give you some specific information about 9 cutest pet Hedgehogs that you can find and keep as a pet in your home. All of them can be a great pet to you as well as your family members.

However, there are some hedgehogs that have been listed in our cutest pet Hedgehog list, can be hard to find and very rare to see.

Three of the Hedgehog listed here requires a permit because it is illegal to pet them in the states of the United State.

Apart from that, all of them required some care but they can help their own requirement depending upon where you live and from where they come.

It totally depends upon their native and the environment now they are getting in habitat.

I hope that you liked our Post cutest Hedgehog because, in this post, all of the cute Hedgehogs have been listed are based on our research.

If you like this post, then do share this post because it is going to encourage us to write more about them.

So, do consider checking our other post and now it’s time to say goodbye so, see you in the next post till then take care and goodbye.