9 Cutest Frog Species With Pictures

Are you a fan of amphibians and reptiles? If you are then maybe you are considering to adopt frogs as a pet. If you are then you are lucky because frogs can be great pets.

apart from that, frogs are very easy to take care of and inexpensive to keep ITE stop second also leave very long and can make grid display pet animals. Adding to that,

9 Cutest Frog Species With Pictures

they can also provide many educational opportunities to your kids. So if you are considering that frogs then maybe you want to get the cutest frog. In this guide,

I am going to give you a space of information about 9 cutest frogs. In this article, you will get to know about 9 cutest frog species that make great pets and 10 also make grid display animals.

Red-eyed Tree Frog

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Red Eye frog looks amazingly Beautiful by the appearance that is why we have listed man in the first position of our cutest frog species. You can find them throughout Mexico,

Central America to Colombia. People also keep them as bad by which we mean you can also keep them in captivity. By its only name, you can understand that there I am gonna be in red color with very vertical narrowed pupils.

Talking about their body, their body comes in Vibrant Green color with Yellow and Blue vertical stripes sides. They have very sticky pads attached to their toes.

Red-eyed tree frogs inhabit mainly near river areas and Ponds areas in the rainforest. They also inhabit in humid lowlands on the Atlantic slopes from Northern Oaxaca in Mexico and Southern Veracruz.

You can also find them in the Pacific slow of southwestern Costa Rica and southwestern Nicaragua to Eastern Panama. Talking about this red-eyed tree frog behavior majority of their lives living and inhabiting trees for the staff they are amazing in excellent jumpers, fortunately, they are not poisonous.

Apart from that, in the daytime, you may notice them being motionless. They appear amazingly in green color and can make excellent at. They are insectivorous animals who love to eat lots, flies, grasshoppers, crickets, and other insects.

Blue Poison Dart Frog

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Blue poison dart frog is a poisonous frog and it is recommended to not handle them. Apart from that, they can be very good to showcase animals in your home.

You can keep them as they look amazingly beautiful and killed due to their blue color. Only because of their special blue color, we have listed them in our cutest frog species list first look at the picture,

you can notice that they come in blue color with black spots to stop. There Delhi comes in dark blue color while their lives are royal blue. Most of its body part is in bright blue color.

They have a very strange and irregular pattern of large and small dark spots. They are also fatal to humans because they are one of the most poisonous and venomous creatures of Earth. They are mainly found in the rainforest of Northern Brazil and Suri’s name.

If you have children in your home then it is not recommended to adopt a blue poison dart frog because its poison can be very dangerous. Apart from that, you can keep them in captivity by which I mean enclosed in closer as they can make good showcase animals.

In terms of display animals, this one comes in the first position of the wrist. They are very active frogs and loves to stay close around water sources you will find the most active in the daytime.

They love to feed on beetles, mites, termites, caterpillars, and, maggots, spiders, and other insects. In captivity, you can feed them a staple diet of pinhead crickets, Beetle larva comma fruit flies, and springtails.

Apart from that, you must make sure that you know enough about them before you get well and if you don’t have enough experience with poisonous frogs they don’t adopt a blue poison dart in your home.

Amazon Milk Frog

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Look at the picture, is it cute? It comes in the third position of our cutest frog species. By its name, you can easily guess that they mostly inhabit the Amazon forest.

These little Amazon milk frogs can be found in Northern South America. You can also find them in the countries of Brazil, Peru, Peninsula, Bolivia, and Colombia.

These Amazon milk frogs tends to live most of their lifetime in the tropical rainforest in the canopy. Their main diet consists of small insects, they also feed on invertebrates and small amphibians.

They are very nocturnal by behavior and that is why they always look for hiding places and spend most of the day time hiding from predators. They are most active at night as they need to hunt some nocturnal insects to feed their empty stomach.

One of the most fun facts about them is these Amazon milk frogs spend their lives mainly in plants and trees. They have a special sticky Octo pad attached to the feet that helps them to climb trees and plants.

If you want you can keep them as a pet in your home and they are not venomous. However, they can secrete a very smelly and poisonous milky substance from their skin, when they feel threatened or provoked.

Naturally, they don’t have any predators because of their poison in the skin its own kind. So, in terms of cuteness, they are not very behind and you can consider this cute little Amazon milk gift for your vivarium if you want to add colors in your frog vivarium/aquarium.

Golden Poison Frog

cutest frog species, cute frog species,

Sorry, but we can’t do much about it because they also deserve its place in the cutest frog species. They look amazingly beautiful in golden color.

Although they are very poisonous, you can keep them as a pet in a protected and secured enclosure. It is not recommended to handle them. Avoid handling them as they can be very venomous and their Venom can be fatal to a human.

In the wilds, they live in a group by which we mean in a larger group. They comes in a light yellow color at a small size. I hope that you don’t mind them listed in our cutest frog species list.

These cute little Golden poison frog can be found throughout the humid forest of the Pacific coast of Colombia in the Cauca.

One of the interesting facts about the golden poison frog is even they are very small in size, they are the largest species of poison dart frog. The female typically comes in a larger size than the male ones.

They also come in three different colors. You can find them in mint green color yellow color which is the golden color and Orange color apart from that Golden / yellow color also so very appealing to frog lovers.

Tomato Frogs

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Ok, look at this one, very similar to the vegetable tomato. They come in extremely red color. To some people, they can also be seen as cute frogs. By looking at them, you may think that they can also be seen as poisonous.

Are they poisonous? No, they are not poisonous but their skin can release some toxic secretion. However, their toxic secretion is not fatal to humans. You can keep them as a pet and they can also add colors to your frog aquarium.

They spend most of their daytime under plants and leaves. Thanks to their toxic skin, they can also protect themselves from the predators. The lifespan of tomato is about six-year to 8 years.

Apart from that, it is also recommended not to handle them if you keep them as a pet because their toxin can cause allergic reactions to humans. Although this toxin is not going to kill a human, it can irritate your skin.

You can check out the video that I have shown here it’s a YouTube video on how to pet a tomato frog. You can observe how they will look like a pet in your home. They can be excellent display animal frog.

Glass Frog

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They are very appealing by their appearance. The glass frog mainly comes in lime green color. They are very popular because of their transparent skin.

Their liver, heart, and intestinal organs can be easily visible through their skin. Because of their transparent skin, they are named as glass frogs.

The glass frog totally deserves its position in our cutest frog species list. They mainly live on plants and trees and only tend to come out for the mating season.

They are very small species of frogs that come to the size of 1.2 inches to 3.0 inches in length. Most of their body parts will be in lime green color and which is transparent.

I think that in appearance they look similar to some Green frogs but they have very different skin compared to them.

They mostly live along streams and rivers during the mating season. You can find them in the cloud forest of south and Central Asia. some of its species can also be found in church on rainforest semi-deciduous forest and in Amazon.

if you want to keep them as a pet then you may have to do some research. It can be very difficult to find this species at the local pet shop and if you love them then we can get one.

Apart from that, you can also check online if it’s available or not. If you still don’t manage to find one and wish to have one then you can also import from another state or country. They are visually very appealing and can be great showcase pet frogs.

Monkey tree frogs

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Now only by its name, you can easily guess that they are going to spend most of their lifetime in trees. Due to their high jumping ability, they are named as monkey tree frogs.

They are native to the South America region. They are also known as a waxy monkey tree frog. You can find them in Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil, and Argentina. Their breeding season arises during the rainy season.

They are very active frog loves to get stuck with the trees because of their sticky pads attached to their paws. They can easily jump from One Tree to another using their flexible legs.

They are the true member of large frogs. If you want to keep them as a pet then you can have one but make sure that you keep them in a large aquarium.

They love jumping around and prefer to live near water sources. You should keep them in a vivarium that is more than 20 gallons. If you keep them in groups then it is recommended to keep them in 50 gallons tank.

apart from that, it is also not recommended to handle them too much because they can easily get irritated and if it slips from your hand, they can easily Runaway by jumping one and to another.

They are good at hiding. Due to their special ability, we have listed them in our cutest frog species list.


cutest frog species, cute frog species,

I am very excited to tell you about this species because we feel very honored and proud to list them in our cutest frog species list. Check up the video also on how to set up a complete Mantella vivarium.

Apart from that, they make an excellent pet, they are very popular among frog breeders and frog traders. They are very small sied frogs and look amazingly beautiful,

They come in a mix of yellow, black and tangy orange colors. Mantella frogs are the most spectacular and multi-colored species of all frogs. You can also found them in a variety of colors like brown, blue, Emerald green, orange, and yellow.

These eye-catching bright colors serve as a warning to their predators that these cute little frogs are very poisonous. They are not poisonous or venomous however they secrete very toxic elements from their skin.

Although their color seen to venomous, they are not very venomous/poisonous. Their toxin is not fatal to humans and doesn’t have the ability to kill a human for sure.

They tend to prey on small insects like termites, and, cricket score grasshoppers, and fruit flies. It is very rare to see them feeding on grasshoppers because they are very small in size to pray on them.

If you are a very sensitive person then you don’t need to handle them because their toxin has the ability to cause allergic reactions to humans. I hope that you found your special cute frog. No doubt, they are one of the cutest frog species that you can find in the present world.

Reed Frogs

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Even they comes in the last position of the cutest frog species, they manage to find its place. They also look very appealing by their appearance you can see the picture and guess why we have listed them in our cutest frog species list. No doubt that they can be a cute pet frog.

They can be found in tropical and subtropical dry forests and moist lowland forests. They prefer to live near water sources like rivers, streams, and Ponds. You can also find them in freshwater sources.

They’re one of the true members of tree frogs species. They can be found in Kenya, Sweden, Tanzania, Uganda, Congo, Ethiopia, Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, chad, and the Central African Republic

This cute common Reed frog can be found in large number and they mainly prefer to feed on or to prey on small insects like crickets, grasshopper, small amphibians, flies, and many others.

They have the ability to jump from One Tree to another and that is why they are mainly found trees. They can easily get attached or stuck with a plant, leaves, and trees with the help of their pad. They have sticky pads attached on their toes.

They are also very good jumpers and have the ability to jump from one leaf to another. They are not poisonous or venomous so you can easily put them in your home.

It can also be very inexpensive to pet a common Reed frog. You can easily find a common reed frog in your local pet shop but it is always recommended to keep them in a large vivarium as they love to jump from one end to another.

Final thoughts

I hope that you liked Our Post cutest frog species list in which we have listed 9 cutest frogs that you can put in 2020. Apart from that, if you are interested in other special animals in your home then you can also check our other post.

I hope that you got a rough idea and some space of information about these 9 cutest frogs. Few of them can be poisonous. Here we are talking about the blue poison that and Golden poison frog they both are very poisonous and it is recommended not to handle them.

They are good as showcase animals but don’t it imagine touching one. Apart from that, frogs like tomato frog, Amazon milk frog, Mantells, and glass frogs have toxic skin.

This toxin is not fatal to humans so you can easily handle them by wearing a glove. yes, a glove is mandatory because some of these toxins can cause allergic reactions to humans.

But you are not going to die just from the toxin. These toxins are going to cause small allergic reactions but it is always good and recommended to be on the safe side

In conclusion, it is very good to adopt a frog because it can be very inexpensive and maintenance cost is very low. Most of the people, keep them outside their door – besides the main door where the guest can see its beauty.

After all, it’s your choice where you want to keep the vivarium but they make good appealing showcase animals. Now, it’s time to say goodbye and I hope you will definitely check our next post. See you in the next post till then take care and goodbye.

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