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51 Tips For New Puppy Owners

51 Tips For New Puppy Owners

Hi, today I am going to tell you 51 tips for a new puppy owners. If you are planning to adopt a new puppy or if you already have a new puppy at your home then this is the post that is going to be very helpful for you in the long run.

Today I am going to tell you the 51 tips that you must consider looking at for your new puppy. So, without wasting time, let’s get started.

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51 tips for new puppy owners

1. Name your puppy early

This is something that you should never overlook because if you don’t call your puppy with the proper fixed name then it will be very difficult for you to associate them with their own name that you want them to know whenever you call them.

If you name your puppy then your puppy will understand instead of getting confused that this is a call for me and I should be there.

2. Don’t feed two dogs at a time

You should never feed two dogs at a time because there will always be a fight waiting to happen at that moment.

3. Avoid feeding your puppy human foods

You should never feed puppy with any kind of human foods because their digestive system can’t always digest human food.

4. Teach your puppy how to swim before getting them into a pool.

Before you get your puppy in the or or deep waterz you must know that your puppy knows how to swim. Always remember that not all dog breed can swim and not all of them can learn how to swim.

If you haven’t taught your puppy how to swim then avoid getting them into pool or deep water.

5. Brush your puppy coat outside your home

You should avoid brushing your puppy coat inside your home because it can get spread all over your place. That is why I would highly recommend you brush your puppy coat outside your home to prevent the hair from getting spread.

6. Keep your puppy on a leash when walking or running with them

Always keep your puppy on a leash when you are walking them or running with them on the roads or the lane. It will prevent your puppy from getting lost.

7. Don’t cross your puppy boundaries

It is particularly very important for children to understand because if you have children in your home then make sure to train them not to pull your puppy ears or fur because it can be painful. Your puppy is not a toy but a real-life animal that should be treated just like any other animal on the planet

8. Try to understand your puppy signals

Most of the time, it has been noticed that puppies oftem howl or bark when they try to communicate with their owner. Whenever a dog feels pain, they looks very anxious. You must try to determine the cause and respect it instead of getting angry or upset about it. Bark and howl can always be a simple warning as well.

9. Associate your puppy with their sleep area

You must teach your puppy where they should sleep and Associate them with the area.

10. Exercise your puppy every day to keep their energy level low

If your puppy will be full of energy then he or she will be up all night making a mess. They can start jumping on and off of the furniture damaging your things. Make sure you drain their energy out by exercising them a little every single day.

11. Avoid getting a puppy if you can’t exercise or train them

If you feel that you will not have much time in a day to exercise them then it is recommended to always avoid getting a puppy. If you still get the puppy and don’t give them the proper exercise and training them you will have to deal with lots of behavioral issues.

12. Keep your puppy on consistent grooming

Listen, you should always keep your puppy on proper and effective grooming as it can make a huge difference in their health and appearance.

13. Avoid feeding your puppy with foods that contain lots of grains

It has been found that grains are harmful to dogs as well as puppy and that is why I highly recommend you avoid feeding them with the foods that have grains in it.

14. Avoid purchasing cheap foods

There is nothing wrong with the Cheap food and saving some money but let me tell you, it has been observed and found that most of the Cheap foods available in the market doesn’t have the right balance of nutritions that is needed to keep your puppy healthy and make them keep going.

15. Choose your Puppy food wisely

You must choose your Puppy food according to their preference and the taste. Plus, you must choose a Puppy food that has the right balance of Nutrition as well.

16. Avoid overfeeding

Overfeeding can make them overweight and overweighted dogs carry lots of diseases as well.

17. Always Reward your puppy whenever they do their best in the training session.

It is a must to make them aware that if they do their best in the training session and behave well in front of guests, they will be rewarded with the special tasty treats.

18. Avoid bathing your puppy too often

Bathing your puppy frequently can irritate their skin and damage their coat. Plus, it can also increase the dander which is the most common cause of an allergy to a human who has over sensitive in your system

19. Only Bath your puppy once a month

You should bath your puppy only once a month or when needed. If your puppy gets into something dirty then you can bath them but only once a month is a maximum frequency that you should perform.

20. Choose 100% natural puppy shampoo and conditioner

You must choose a 100% organic natural shampoo and conditioner that is puppy friendly as well. Using a shampoo that has chemical will irritate their skin and damage their coat.

21. Choose the correct brush according to your Puppy food

Commonly, there are two types of brush available in the market one is a slicker brush and the other one is a pin brush. You must choose the brush according to your puppy coat and its preference. Every specific coat type needs a different brush.

22. Avoid feeling your puppy nails by yourself

You should never trim your puppy nails by yourself if you don’t have enough experience. You must consider a well-experienced groomer who can perform the training.

23. Get your puppy to the bed occasionally

You must get your puppy to the vet for the occasional testing done on their hips, skin and elbow because this is the best possible way to eliminate any kind of threat that may occur to your puppy in the future.

24. Introduce your puppy to different peoples

If you want your puppy to be comfortable around any guest or strangers then you must introduce your puppy to many different people around you which can include your relatives, neighbors, as well as strangers at the park.

25. Teach puppy when to the bark and When not.

You may want to make your puppy bark on command and stop when you want because it is something that comes very handy if you have neighbors who hate pets.

26. Socialize your puppy in a controlled environment

This is something that most of the new puppy owners overlook. Socialise your puppy in a controlled environment like a park where it is not very noisy or crowded.

27. Be cautious with your puppy At The Dog Park

Most of the dog owners don’t realize how dangerous dogs can be towards other puppies or dogs that is why you must introduce your puppy with one or two dog at a time at the park and keep eye on the other dogs.

28. Socialize your puppy as soon as possible

You must socialise your puppy as soon as possible with relatives , strangers and other animals because once they become adult, it can be difficult to make them well mannered and comfortable in front of other animals.

29. Provide your puppy with chew toys

Usually, puppy drools and chew more often on things. That is why I highly recommend you to provide your puppy some chew toys to keep themselves on their own.

30. Don’t leave your puppy on their own for an extended amount of time

If you’re planning to leave your puppy on their own then it is recommended to always hire a good caretaker. Leaving a puppy on their own for an extended amount of time can lead them towards stress or can also make them get hurt by their energetic nature.

31. Tri! your puppy coat if they have long hair

If you want to avoid brushing your puppy to often then you must trim your puppy hair if it is too long to handle.

32. Give a proper interaction to your puppy

You must interact with your puppy more often because it is something that you must do to be their best friend.

33. Play and cuddle with your puppy

You should always take some time when training them and play with them for a couple of minutes. You can also give them a pat on the back and cuddle them as an appreciation for their performance.

34. Takes a lot of photos with your puppy

You must take a lot of pictures and photos with your puppy to capture all the moments and try to live every single moment with your puppy because dogs grow very quickly. It will just be a blink of an eye for your puppy to get fully matured and you don’t want to miss the moments as well.

35. Surprise your puppy with delicious treats

When there is any festival going on, you always do something special for your family member and at that moment, you should also give your puppy some delicious treats. From time to time, you must surprise your puppy with some delicious tasty high-value treats.

36. Avoid giving your puppy cow milk or puppy milk

You don’t need to give your puppy Puppy milk after a few weeks because it is not so important when your puppy is around 10 to 12 weeks, they are already three by fourth in human years. You must keep your puppy on a wet or dry food or it will become very difficult for your puppy to get fully satisfied and pleased. Plus avoid giving cow milk as well.

37. Touch your Puppy food more often

You don’t want your puppy to bite when you will be giving them food or touching their food. That is why I highly recommend you to touch your Puppy food and that crate so that your puppy can get familiar with it.

38. Feed your puppy after 30 minutes when done exercising

You should not feed your puppy right away after exercising them. Wait for at least 30 minutes and then feed your puppy because it will prevent your puppy from getting bloated.

39. Feed your puppy in a slow feeder bowl

Believe it or not but some puppy eat their food very quickly which can also result lots of problems and cause them, choking or even digestive upsets. It is very rare but still, it can happen with your puppy and that is why, feed your puppy in a slow feeder bowl.

40. Don’t overfeed the puppy with treats

You should avoid overfeeding high-value treats to your puppy otherwise they will always want those treats everytime instead of regular foods.

42. Give Them edible chews

Puppies are cute and always give your puppy something edible that they can chew on so that they don’t start chewing your shoes and socks.

42. Teach your puppy where they are allowed and where they are not

It is important to make your puppy aware that they are not invited in the kitchen area or in the bedroom even if you want. It will prevent the puppy’s fur from getting into the food when they will be roaming around in the kitchen area

43. Avoid causing your puppy tummy to upset

Puppy can easily drown into the well of diarrhea and can get their tummy upset. You always want to keep your puppy on the same diet that the breeder had them on. You can start slowly acclimating the new diet by mixing it with the whole diet.

44. Buy the puppy food in bulk

If you want to save a lot of time or energy as well as the most important thing money then you must buy the food in bulk. There are lots of online pet supplies that will offer you large bags of foods at a very nominal price with more value in it.

45. Avoid encouraging any undesirable behavior

Mostly, behavior that seems to be cute leads the puppy to behavioral issues in the future as well. For example, jumping whenever they see you due to the excitement or chewing your finger can end up being a behavior issue in the future.

46. Get your puppy to a professional or an experienced trainer to train them properly

If you don’t know how to train a puppy or if you are just new into it then you must direct a good trainer or get your puppy to a professional experience Trainer for the training. This is something that will help you out and can save you a lot of time.

47. Get your puppy to a puppy school class

Puppy school class is the best place for your puppy to get advice as well socialized with the like-minded new dog owners and their pets. It will also help you out in the basics of training as well.

48. Always purchase a durable Crate

When your puppy will be very young, they will not make any kind of damage or scratch but as soon as they becomes adult o, you may notice that the crate is getting scratched or damage continuously. It is mandatory to give their food in a crate but it is more important to choose a durable and reliable crate as well.

49. Be consistent with your routine

You should se up a particular routine aur schedule for your dog. After setting a proper routine, make sure to follow it, and be consistent. Most people never enjoy setting a routine but it is one of the most beneficial things that you could do.

50. Don’t feel discouraged or affected by other people opinion or reaction

Not all people like dogs or puppy and that’s ok because not everybody have the same thought and viewpoint. If they are not giving your puppy or dog their attention or petting then it’s ok and you shouldn’t be affected by it ever.

51. Aware another owner if their dog is being rude to you or your puppy

Most of the dog owners realize this and always keep their dog away but if you find that they are not doing anything then make it clear politely that you want to avoid any kind of conflict with dogs.

Final thought

I hope that I managed to give you some valuable information on the proper care and if you find this post helpful then do share this post because it is going to encourage me to write more about them. Apart from that, I have shared many other articles on puppy care and if you want you can check it out.

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