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29 Cute Cat Behavior Explained

29 Cute Cat Behavior Explained

It seems almost impossible and totally random to read cats’ behavior. However, we can learn a few things and reasons why your cat does that.

Learning these behaviors and their significance, you will be able to get closer to your favorite cat pet. So, in this article, I am gonna explain 29 strange cat behaviors and what they mean.

Feline Behaviour basis

  • Cat Behavior By Age Cat (Adolescent Cats)
  • Cat life stages behavior
  • Behavior by body language
  • Female cat behavior ( Gender based behaviour)
  • Cat behavior anxiety issues
  • Feline Aggression
29 Cute Cat Behavior Explained

29 Cat Cute Behavior?

Jump and Sprint

It is very weird to see a cat sprinting or jumping. You may have noticed your cat running up to the edge of the height of a high surface only to jump off.

Well, it is very natural for them as in the wild, they jump from trees to trees all the time. You don’t need to worry about your cat sprinting and jumping throughout the day.


Mostly, cats learn this kind of thing when they are young. Actually kneading helps them to stimulate milk production in their mother cat breast. But, when your cat gets old, they do that only to feel comfortable around you and other people.

Low meow

We often think that our cat is in some kind of pain or she is ill – when we hear them meow low. But what does that exactly mean? Actually, a cat meows very low when they feel uncomfortable irritated, or threatened.

If you hear that kind of meow from your cat then make sure you give your cat extra attention.

Twitching ears

It is very rare to see them doing that because when a cat twitches their ears, it gives the notion that he or she is feeling anxious. At that moment, you should give your cat some space until they come around.

Uncovered poop

It is very natural to clean and to groom themself after pooing. Most of the time, it has been observed that when they leave their poop uncovered, it does for a reason.

After the study, we learn that they leave their poop uncovered to express anger with their owner. If you find your cat uncovered poo then there is definitely something that you need to resolve with your cat.


Cat does lots of expressing behaviors when it comes to express their dissatisfaction with the situation or with their owner. If you find your cat chattering then the possible reason can be the feeling of frustration.

Staring with open mouth

This one is a very common behavior in cats and it looks bizarre. It actually has a reason or a meaning, when a cat opens his / her mouth, it means that he/she is getting is a very complex smell for his nose and he needs to smell out of the roof of his mouth.

Little meow

Well, little meow is sort of cats’ way of saying hello to their owner and to their handlers. If you see them meowing then it means that your cat is very happy to see you or feeling happy to be around you.

Random leaps

It is very normal because cats love leaping but most of the time they do this kind of behavior at a random time.

If you see your cat jumping on and off of the furniture or jumping around the house, it means that she/he is full of energy, and she/he needs to burn out this extra energy.

Don’t be so worried about it because after he/she is done with jumping on and off the furniture/exercising, she/he will be ready to rest again.

Laying on your chest

ok, this one looks very cute and it’s a huge compliment. When a cat lays on their handler/owner’s chest, it means that they are feeling warm and they want to feel their human’s owner’s heartbeat.

It’s a sure sign of your CAT feeling totally at ease and safe with their owners.

Laying on stuff

Nobody can deny that cats love attention. They are one of the most attention seeker animals that you can find in the present world.

If your cat lays on stuff then it means that they are feeling ignored and they need proper interaction and attention from you. They do this kind of behavior to give some notion that you need to pay attention to him/her.


I don’t need to tell you that this is a bad sign because when a cat hisses or growl, it means that they are feeling very Grumpy and they need extra space. You need to left them alone at that moment. The best thing is to walk away from them asap.

Twitchy tail

I don’t know about you but I feel very excited when I see a cat’s tail is twitching. It’s a sign of excitement and focus. This kind of behavior is very normal when a cat is hunting for its prey.

If you notice your cat twitching its tail then let your cat capture his Prey and once she/he will be done, he will come down.


This is a sign that you always need to worry about because it’s a sign of distress. When you notice your cat howling then it means that they are in some kind of pain or his feeling upset.

They can also do this kind of howling she hasn’t got proper interaction with you or hasn’t seen you in a while. Apart from that, if the howling issues have not been fixed then this can also mean that they need mating.


It’s a sign of relaxation. Mostly, the cat does this kind of behavior then it explains that they are feeling relaxed.

They not only do this kind of behavior to Express that they feel comfortable but also to make themself more comfortable and at ease. It’s a good sign and it means that your cat is very happy and comfortable.

Curling up with you

Just as much as they need and love attention, they also love to be cuddled. It’s a good sign because when a cat curls up with you then he is showing affection and love.

At that moment, you need to show the love back by cuddling them as it will make a stronger bond with your cat.


We as humans drool often when we feel affection towards anybody. Just like in humans, the cat also does that and its reason is affection. It is very unusual to see every cat / Kitty drooling but if your cat is drooling then definitely she is in love with you.

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Being Grumpy when you leave the house

If you are cat is showing attitude or grumpiness every time you leave then it means that they don’t want you to go. It means that your cat sees you as a leader of the pack and he/she wants to spend all the time of the whole day by your side.

Following you everywhere

If your cat really loves you then he will more likely follow you everywhere and every time. They do this because they never want to leave you or leave your side.

It’s a good sign and if you notice your cat following you into every room and sitting next to you then enjoy your cat’s attention.


If you notice that your cat is bringing a present even not the kind you want. It means that she/he wants to help you and wants to thank you for what you are providing to him/her and the family.

So, if you see your cat bringing a dead mouse then it means that he or she is trying to help you out in preparing dinner.

Exposing their belly

The most vulnerable part of the cat is its belly. If your cat exposes it to you then it’s mean that they fully trust you and it also shows that they need some affection from You.

Excited when you return

After getting exhausted by the work and returning home from a long day, if you see your cat Bounce in off the walls then it means that he/she is very excited to see you and want to spend some quality time.

At that moment, if you could give them a proper attraction or attention then he/ she is definitely going appreciated.

Scratching your chair.

When normally a cat scratch to ensure its claws don’t get too long. But if you notice your cat scratch everywhere wherever you are, then it’s totally all about you and your bonding with them.

It’s a sign that he or she can’t stand then you might have something to think about than him/her. It’s also a sign of jealousy.


If you notice that your cat/feline is repeatedly bonking his head into you then don’t be worried even it seems strange because it’s a cat’s way to say I love you.

Love bites

Cats love to play and spend time with their owner, at the time when you will be playing with your cat, if you feel a gentle swipe at you or your cat gives you a little Love bite then it means that they are just trying to be playful.

Just remember, this bite means playful as long as they are small and controlled.

Approaching towards you with the straight tail.

It is very unusual and definitely, it’s not a cat natural walk. If you noticed them approaching you with the straight sticky tail then it clearly means that he/she is very excited.

It also means that’s they are superbly happy to be around you and to see you and want to spend some quality time with you.


If you noticed that your cat is meowing continuously then it means that she needs attention and she wants to be heard. They also do this to be very selfish with your love or you haven’t been given proper attention to them.

Whatever the reason is it clearly means that they need your focus and affection.

Fur sticking out (Cute Cat Behavior)

I think you can easily know why they stick out their fur. There can be two possible reasons, the first could be that he or she is feeling threatened or frightened, or provoked.

And the second one if there is no threat present then they are just extra excited to see you. Sound sweet, right?

Final thoughts

I hope you liked our post and you learned 29 behaviors And the possible reasons behind this kind of behavior.

These behaviors are very cute And if you want us to write more and explain more about their behavior that comment below Because we have done our proper Research and we have 25 more that we can behaviors Explained And are ready to be written on.

Comment and share will encourage us to write more about their behavior and explanation of their behavior. You need to comment below and share this post on Facebook and WhatsApp groups.

It’s not mandatory, but It will encourage us and motivate us to write more about their behavior and their Caring tips and requirements.

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